Listen, fellas, you may think you know everything but the fact is that you have a lot to learn, sir!

And today we’re gonna get some pro tips, so I hope you’re prepared!

What are some hygiene habits men should know about?

Here’s how folks responded on AskReddit.

1. Keep ’em clean.

“Keep your nails clean.

It’s not feminine, it’s good hygiene.”

2. Do it!

“Brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper to get rid of bad breath germs.

Could also help improve sense of taste?”

3. That’s new…

“Older gents out there, check your ear and nose hair every now and then.

I know that s**t seems to just pop up over night, but it’s really disconcerting.”

4. Yes, please.

“Since the title doesn’t specify personal hygiene:

Clean your godd**n space.

Don’t leave shaved p**es/beard hair all over the sink, rinse it away.

Wipe down the surfaces.

Wipe down the fridge handle, door handles, cupboard handles.

Hoover every now and then. Sweep hard floors, or even mop them to actually clean them.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a male-only house and NOT felt a sticky handle or stood on a sticky patch of floor and it’s f**king foul.”

5. Give it a shot.

“If you have bad body odor that deodorant or showering doesn’t seem to get rid of, shave your pits.

Bacteria sticks to your hair and makes your BO much worse, plus makes deodorant work much better since it’s being applied directly to the areas that actually cause odor and not to the hair.”

6. It’s a cesspool.

“This might sound weird, but for me showering before s** or sleeping is a must.

I spent years in Asia where this is the norm, and now I can’t imagine just crawling into bed (for whatever reason), with the day’s sweat, oils , dirt and grime caked all over me so I can smear it on all the sheets, just to sleep in my own cesspool repeatedly every night.

Shower before bed.”

7. Don’t forget the ears.

“Ears. Not just the inside, but outside, especially the back of your ears.

Take your finger and rub behind your ears and smell it. If you don’t wash behind there you will likely notice a cheesy oudor. Also back of the neck too, and again, use a cloth or exfoliating mit.

I’ve seen a lot of guys white tshirts stained like black at the neck because of the buildup of grime and d**d skin.”

8. The more you know…


Look. Baths are not for washing in! They are for soaking an already clean body, otherwise you are just marinating in your own filth. If you don’t have a shower at least give yourself a sink scrub down with soap and a cloth before getting in.

It will also help to prevent the dresses ring of bathscum around the tub (which is a mix of d**d skin, dirt and sebum.)”

9. For the sweaty guys.

“If you are an oily/sweaty person. Baby powder (you can find unscented talc free powders these days if you prefer) can be really handy.

It will help to absorb any excess oil/sweat on your skin and keep you feeling fresher longer.

Just sprinkle it on after you’ve washed on dry skin. It will show up inside dark clothing so be aware”

10. For real, folks.

“Clean your bedding regularly. At least once every 2 weeks.

Probably once a week if you’re a morning shower person, sweaty sleeper, shagger. Doesn’t help to change them after s** in general.

And especially change then between partners you have in your bed!”

11. Skin care.

“Please take care of your skin.

My boyfriend has problems with black heads but doesn’t try to take care of them and it drives me insane.”

12. Focus on the feet.

“Feet. Clean your feet and scrape out the cheese from under your toenails! Also clip your toenails regularly. Straight across.

If you find that you get a lot of cheesy buildup under your toenails or your feet smell in anyway unpleasant etc then ingredients like ketaconazole can help! Nizoral shampoo is effective and cheaper than most foot targeted treatments containing the same/similar antifungal ingredients.

It will treat the overgrowth of yeast/fungus that is the cause of the smell. I’d recommend using a nailbrush or toothbrush to get the cleanser under the nail and leave it for a few minutes to allow it to work. I had this issue and left it on overnight and it completely resolved the issue for me in one go. But do what you think is best for you.

If your shoes/socks stink use antibacterial soap to clean them and you can do things like spray isopropyl alcohol in your shoes to kill off the bad smelling bacteria too. Use a pumice stone to buff away d**d skin and don’t be shy to throw a little lotion on if your feet are crusty.

Don’t wear your socks more than a day and don’t wear shoes without socks. (apart from the obvs like flip flops.)”

What are some more hygiene habits you think men should know about?

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