Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs…

And the signs we’re talking about today definitely ARE NOT the good ones.

Because we’re focusing on the big signs that let us know someone doesn’t have their life together.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. I need a favor…

“Always asking to borrow money.

My boyfriend gets called by his “best friend” weekly and asks him if he can lend him tons of money.

Meanwhile he buys the most expensive jewelry for his girlfriend. Yeah he’s not well.”

2. It wasn’t me.

“When every issue/mistake in their life gets chalked up to being someone else’s fault.

They are still a kid, blaming others for their f**k ups.”

3. This is so true.

“New phone number/social media accounts every few months.

I lost contact with a lot of people because of that.

I constantly got chained texts of “this is my new number!” Or a Facebook post saying to send them your number because they got a new number. I just stopped responding. And when the new social media accounts were created and I got a new friend request I would end up just not accepting after the second one.

And it wasn’t like once in a while either. Every few months. It happened every few months with the same people.”

4. Alright, we get it…

“Constantly posting motivational videos and quotes.

I mean, like all the time.”

5. Is it really bad luck?

“Bad stuff constantly happening that initially just seems like bad luck; car break downs, missing flights, food poisoning.

Slowly you realize it’s not bad luck, this person never does car maintenance, leaves packing til the last second, forgets to clean out the fridge, etc.”

6. Ugh.

“Always late.

Never prepared.

Always has a sad story.”

7. Be cool.

“I think how someone reacts to unexpected circumstances says a lot about how well organized their life is.”

8. Kind of sad.

“Most of their small talk/idle chat consists of their high school days even though they graduated years ago.”

9. You gotta have balance.

“Honestly, someone who would identify as a workaholic and over-schedules themselves.

Always seems to me to be a person who doesn’t like sitting alone with their thoughts too long.

Not enough balance.”

10. Yikes.

“They’re drinking in their garage every night, s**king a pack+ a day, begging you to hang with them so they have an escape from their daily addictions, etc etc…”

11. Get to the point.

“Way too much info while they tell you a simple story. M**h heads are bad about this.

Just ask for the $20, I don’t need to hear a story about how your paycheck cant be cashed because the “stupid a** company” you work for spelled your name wrong on your check. And you were gonna ask your girlfriend to do it for you but she wasn’t able to borrow her grandmas car for the day.

And you also have this horrible rash/ open wound that you need to get to the doctor for, so you can get your “Meds”. Oh and you also want a ci**rette, every time.”

12. Back to me…

“Talks too much about themselves.

Especially IG stories with quotes or sentences they use to describe themselves for the world to know.”

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