As a man, I think I can safely say that a lot of us are pretty CLUELESS.

But guys, I want you to pay attention today: because women on AskReddit talked about what men do that is very attractive that they don’t even realize.

Check out what they had to say!

1. The more you know…

“Cleaning their hands and keeping their nails clean and manicured is insanely attractive.”

2. Relaxed.

“A naturally calm demeanor, not being uptight.

When they are able to laugh at things that happen to them and not get angry.”

3. You know it!

“Being kind.

Especially to the elderly, the infirm, the young…and animals!”

4. In charge.

“When they take charge in a wholesome way. Like oh, that needs fixing? I’ve already sorted it. You’re hungry? Let me make dinner.

You seem like you need a break, so I’ve ordered take away and have run you a bath. Little things that show he’s paying attention to your needs and, I can’t stress this enough, DON’T TREAT YOU LIKE YOU’RE THEIR MOTHER.”

5. Just a little bit.

“Just wearing the right fit of clothes and colors that complement them.

Like, the smallest, amount of style.”

6. Good dads.

“When they are hanging out with their offspring being good dads. Could be as simple as holding their kid in one arm and some groceries in the other.

I’m a lesbian but holy s**t, do dadss turn me on.

I obviously have daddy issues.”

7. Pay attention.

“Attentiveness was something I noticed with my husband right away.

Little things, like I made a face of discomfort so he traded me spots when sitting in uncomfortable chairs. Or I had said earlier that day to no one in particular I would love a Yoohoo and he picked me one up. The thing that really made me fall for him though is he is like this with everyone.

Strangers, family, friends seriously everyone. We have been together almost 10 years and married for almost 8 and he still does this so I know it’s not just to win me over lol this behavior has also begun to carry over to my 4 year old daughter who the other day notice me rubbing my lower back grimacing in pain (I’m almost 9 months pregnant) and she ran and grabbed my back massager without me realizing and started rubbing my back with it.”

8. The hustler.

“I’m really good at pool and can beat most people. The guys who can accept that I beat them and not get all insecure about it and actually say good job is attractive.

I know the bar is so low but ive played against many guys who got in their feelings about it after I beat them by saying pool isn’t a real sport or that they weren’t really trying etc.”

9. Enthusiastic.

“When he is excited over his interests. My hubs can tell you anything about fish, like any fish at all.

Sounds boring, but it’s his favorite thing, and I love the way his face lights up when he talks about it.”

10. You bet!

“Men with manners. Men who open the door for you or wait for you to walk in first.

There are moments when there is a man walking in front of me holding a conversation with someone, walking into a restaurant for lunch, or an office building. I think they don’t notice me because I’m walking behind them.

But they get to the door, still talking, open it, and wait for me to walk in. I say thank you, and they continue on their day. Those men, short or tall, thin or thick, are s**y as hell.”

11. Just be responsible.

“Having their s**t together and just being able to be a functional adult on their own without having to rely on other people to always be doing shit for them. Just being responsible in general.

Obviously this goes for all genders but there’s this weird stereotype that a guy needs a woman in his life to manage everything and be the responsible adult and I ain’t about to be a guy’s mom like that.”

12. The checklist.

“Pulling a sweatshirt off over their head.

Good manners.

Good hygiene.

I personally love a man who reads fantasy, LOL.”

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