Once in a while, you see something in life that you weren’t supposed to see.

And then you can’t unsee it…

And, if you’re smart, you never bring it up to the person that this scandalous or weird thing belongs to…it’s just better that way, trust me.

Have you ever seen something creepy at a family member’s house?

Folks on AskReddit shared their stories.

1. Creepy.


My nana used to collect dolls too (mostly kewpie and those kinds of “around the world” collector style dolls), and for whatever reason she stored them in a glass case in the kids’ room of the family vacation home.

The 200+ year old, plot-of-land-with-no-neighbors, definitely f**king haunted family vacation home. The glass case sat right at the foot of my bed and I distinctly remember just refusing to look anywhere near the glass case at night.

Ugh, those f**king dolls.”

2. Unsettling.

“A room of teeth.

I didn’t know until then that my uncle is a dentist.”

3. Hoarders.

“Well let’s see, my grandparents were hoarders, so…

Jars of p**s, moldy newspapers from the 1950s, all mixed together with antique China.

Little goat paths. Taking turns placing a board over the sink so they could eat dinner.”

4. That’s kind of awesome.

“My grandfather passed in March and I had to go and sort out his belongings.

I found the rite of exorcism. Apparently he used to help a self proclaimed exorcist in the 1970s.”

5. Whoa.

“My father came from a large family. He was the youngest of either 12 or 11 kids.

I don’t know the right number because there was one sibling that wasn’t allowed to be spoken of. All of them are d**d now, so there is no one I can really ask for answers.

The unspoken sibling was, apparently, kept locked up in an attic room, and was fed and bathed in that room away from where anyone could see them. This was not an uncommon occurrence back in those days (my father was the youngest, born in 1939.) If a child was born with developmental disabilities they were kept from society out of embarrassment in a “disappointments room.”

At some point, this secret sibling d**d, or was moved to an institution. I was visiting my grandparents for a holiday, probably Christmas, and my cousins and I were playing hide and go seek. While looking for a place to hide I found the disappointments room.

There was a bed, with hand, head and leg restraints on it. An adult size potty chair, and an old fashioned copper tub. The windows had bars between the inside panes and outside panes and the inside glass was frosted. There were stains on the walls that could have been blood, poo, or crayon, and lots and lots of drawings in crayon or charcoal.

This terrified 11 year old me, and I didn’t want to play anymore. But no one would explain what I found beyond, “We don’t talk about that in this house.”

I learned a little bit about this years later from one of my father’s more rebellious older sister.”

6. WTF?

“A gnome. No, not a ceramic garden gnome. A real life, living, breathing gnome.

In Mexico they are called duendes. My in laws live in a small, secluded pueblo in a forest in Michoacán MX. There is talk about seeing “magical creatures” all throughout the forest that people swear by, fairies and gnomes being the top two.

One night my fiancé and I walked to his grandmothers house late at night after satisfying a late night taco craving in town. Before we got to the front door, I got a phone call. I didn’t want to wake anyone inside so I answered outside and leaned myself against the family van parked in their dirt driveway. My fiancé went to the back to pee in the outdoor toilet. I hung up and waited for him to come back so we could enter the house together.

All of the sudden I heard footsteps crunching along the dirt behind me. Slow, careful steps. I turned around and saw my “fiancé” quickly duck behind the van. I laughed and said “babe, let’s go already!” But he didn’t answer. He didn’t even show himself. I figured he was playing around so I turned around and said “ooookay, let’s play hide and seek” Once again, I heard the same footsteps.

This time, the steps were DIRECTLY behind me. I turned around quickly and once again, saw my “fiancé” duck behind the van. I then heard fast footsteps and saw that he had started running. And once he ran, I saw that he was MUCH smaller than I remembered but figured I was seeing things since it was late.

It was then that my actual fiancé came walking towards me with a look of shock on his face- he told me that a short, shriveled creature on two legs ran right past him as he walked out of the bathroom. He said it looked like a man, but definitely wasn’t one, not one he had ever seen. His hands and feet were elongated and his teeth were pointy.

I looked at him in disbelief and asked him “…but weren’t you just playing hide and seek with me?”

He wasn’t.

I never saw that duende again but I’m sure it won’t be our only encounter.”

7. The hat.

“A hat.

My uncle was in the army and kept a hat from the enemy he picked up in desert storm. It has some blood stains on it and a hole where some shrapnel went through and k**led the soldier wearing it.

He kept it in his safe behind a painting in his basement. The whole experience was wild and disturbing, especially for someone in elementary school to see.”

8. Good old Groucho.

“My grandmother had this foot-tall statue of Groucho Marx that she kind of hid in the corner beside the TV and partially covered by a plant.

This f**king statue was so uncanny-looking. I remember the first time I “found it,” I had a feeling of terror paralyze me. I was probably like 5-6 years old. The statue had his face like, looking right at you, stretching his neck out to get a closer look.

Plus, the way it was hidden, was perfect for a surprise discovery. I honestly felt like I was going to d** the first time I saw that f**king thing.”

9. Oh my…

“When I was little – like age 6 to 10 – my grandparents kept a foot high stack of hard core paper p**n mags on their kitchen table.

It was a production called ALLO POLICE from Quebec. And I mean. HARD CORE. My grandmother, grandfather, and dad would rifle through them right in front of us sometimes – me and my mentally handicapped little brother – and drink and laugh and make gross s** jokes.

They used to pass on the ones they were finished with to my dad, who would take them home and stash them in the little Boler trailer he kept parked in our back yard. My bro and I played in there tons, we knew they were there and looked through them like it was nothing. It was normal.”

10. Beware of the clowns.

“My grandmother loves clowns.

She collects paintings, statues…. anything related to clowns, but the most prominent thing are these very expensive and collector porcelain clown statues that she collects. A lot of them are from the brand Lladro I believe? When I was younger though they were everywhere in the house and there was a specific one I was terrified of in the guest room I would stay in when I spent the night.

I also always requested them to take down the giant clown portrait that hung in the room when I went over because I would swear the clowns would move. Sisters loved the clowns, I did not.”

11. Awful.

“I didn’t understand when I was 7 and saw that 2 of my cousins had a certain set of white pointy hoods and robes.

It’d be 10 years later, when I did understand what they were.”

12. Still not over it.

“Pop Pop was a magician and momom owned a doll store. The nightmares I’ve seen. Hundreds of dolls.

Some being worked on with the eyes hollow. Magician puppets. Fake hands. Oh and wallpaper from the 60’s and plastic covered fuzzy 70’s chairs.


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