Are y’all ready to get busy in the kitchen?!?!

Well, even if you aren’t right this second, you will be after you hear what these people on AskReddit had to say about the secret ingredients they use when they cook.

Take a look at what they had to say!

1.  Add the vanilla.

“I’ve been baking more my self, and even in those prepackaged things, I’ve been adding in Vanilla extract.

Something about it just adds some more flavor.”

2. Yummy!

“When bananas start turning brown and mushy is when they’re best used for stuff like banana bread, pancakes, etc.”

3. Pour it in!

“Lemon Juice

I put it in literally everything I make. You’d think it would make things taste lemony, but it doesn’t. The acid just brings out the flavor of everything you cook. It’s as important as salt.

People have said I make the best Mashed Potatoes. They don’t know it’s because I blast it full of lemon juice.”

4. Excellent.

“Citric Acid.

Used in very small amounts, it is a massive taste upgrade. Gives a sense of brightness and positive uplift in taste sensation.

Excellent in Indian, Italian and North African cuisine.”

5. Butter is good.


I was Kerrygold 100% for ages (I’m also Irish so felt right regardless), then I tried Vermont Creamery’s Cultured Butter and it blew my socks off.”

6. Love it!

“I’ve never made anything without at least 4 cloves of garlic in it, even if it doesn’t call for garlic.

If it calls for onion, garlic should go with it too.”

7. Spicy.

“Smoked paprika.

Paprika is great with so much stuff. Grind it with salt, you have paprika salt, all the way up to a sprinkle on my steak when frying it for a sandwich.

Close second is msg followed by toasted sesame oil.”

8. Give it a shot.

“Bragg liquid aminos. Like soy sauce without the salt.

Great because you can always add salt but adding the broad background flavor of soy sauce hits a limit because of the salt content.”

9. Gets a bad rap.

“MSG is the real “secret ingredient” in everything because it: a.) is delicious and b.) is still tainted to the general public by the absolutely moronic old propaganda against it.”

10. Use it!


Pickle juice (good marinade and adding tang)

Apple cider vinegar (adds that tang and gives umami flavor to sweet/salty dishes)

Sauerkraut (great on eggs, burgers, anything. Crunchy, acidic)

Mayo (oil/egg mixture, great for marinades, baking, pan frying).”

11. Fishy.

“Fish sauce can really bump up sauces and braises.

From bolognese to chili to French onion soup.”

12. The good book.

“Shallots pair really well with eggs.

My secret ingredient is actually a book: The Flavor Bible. It lists ingredients that work well together.

Also, Flavor Matrix and I just bought The Science of Spice.”

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