What would you do if you could pick an upgrade to the human body?

Eyes in the back of our heads?

Arms like Inspector Gadget?

The possibilities are endless!

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this…

1. Regenerator.

“More teeth when the old ones fall out.

Oh, this tooth is damaged, well let me make another and just have it fall out.”

2. Direct download.

“A way for us learn things via direct download into the brain.

This would be especially useful for foreign language learning but also for complex concepts such as mathematics and science.”

3. Interesting…

“Men need the ability to shoot blanks.

Women can have retractable breasts.”

4. Time for a change.

“Removing our dependency of oxygen and broadening our very fragile small scaled toleration of atmospheric pressure.

So we can climb Everest without needing air tanks or worry about passing out. And fly any altitude with not ever knowing the pain of your ears popping.

Plus a nice side effect… Which would open other doors too. Now we can drop to the ocean floor and see what’s down there with our own eyes.”

5. New feet.

“The feet need to be simplified, we don’t need about 10 different bones to stand up, and we don’t use em for climbing anymore.

The back also needs reinforcement. Almost everyone will get some back pain once in their lives.”

6. Women would appreciate this.

“An improved birth process.

Birth is painful and prone to complications, fixing it would save thousand of mothers and children from death and help both not have as much problems as they might afterword.”

7. Time to override.

“The ability to manually override our fight-or-flight response when needed.

Imagine being able to turn off your anxiety when you recognize it’s irrational.”

8. That would be great.

“Not storing so much fat. At a time when every meal may have to last you for days? Well better store that in a fairly long-term fashion.

You eat three meals a day and aren’t very active? Oh better keep that in your thighs just to be sure. I mean, you’ve barely experienced the sensation of hunger in your entire life, but hey, might as well keep your body “well-stocked”

Our bodies back in the day were crafty, now they’re just hoarders.”

9. Armor.

“I don’t understand why skin is so weak. It protects most vital organs required for us to live.

Not to mention, you can just bleed out from a substantial skin puncture. The human body needs armor.”

10. I’ll take one!

“USB port at the back of the head.

You can now connect your diagnosis tool like you do to your car and read out what’s wrong with your body.”

11. Back issues.

“Our backs definitely need an upgrade.

They are designed for walking on 4 legs, not on 2; and with us getting heavier by the minute, we should be switching to back version 2.0 right about now.”

12. Night vision.

“Restructure the rods and cones of the eye to improve night vision.

It’s just a simple reversal of the layout and you increase night vision and color vision 10x.”

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