What do you think would be a heck of a lot better…if only it were shorter?

Maybe it’s a movie, or a TV show, or a book, or a song…it could be anything!

Let’s see how AskReddit users answered this question.

1. Sounds good.

“The average workday…

And the average work week…”

2. Please!

“From the perspective of a man over 50…

I’m going to say my eyebrow hairs.”

3. Is this fun?

“Lines at amuseument parks in the summer.

You have to go during September or October.

The lines are much shorter and the weather isn’t too hot or cold.”

4. It’s getting old…

“U.S. political campaigns.

It the U.S. they seems to start two years ahead of election day.”

5. You see a lot of that…

“Any movie where the character realises that it was all just a delusion at the end (with that part cut out).”

6. Yes!

“Most, if not all, YouTube tutorials/how-to videos.

Gotta squeeze that ad revenue!”

7. Good point.


This is a two for one, as the word queue would also be 100% better if it was shorter.”

8. That would be cool.

“The ammount of time you need to sleep.

How I wish 5 hours was enough…”

9. We all wish…

“The amount of time you need to work until you can retire.

How long is this gonna take…?”

10. What do you think?

“Football (American) games.

Especially things like replay reviews and timeouts after kickoffs and change of possession.

Sure, guys would get more tired and worn down late in the games but that would be part of the strategy.”

11. Sorry to hear that…

“Nose hair.

I didn’t need excessive nose hair at 26, why the f**k do I need it at 36?

Seriously, I can trim for minutes and the next morning I got nose hairs coming out my nose tickling the s**t out of me!”

12. I think a lot of people would agree.

“Justices should serve an 18 year term, with each one staggered every two years.

A: that is still plenty of time so that the court can be “above” politics, but a lot more sensible than a lifetime.

B: it would eliminate this hair-on-fire panicked emergency that happens every time one of them suddenly dies and needs to be replaced. Every president gets to appoint two new justices per term like clockwork, predictable and calculable.

No more political wrangling over who controls the Senate vs who is president vs how much time there is before the election and all that BS.”

What do you think would be better if it was shorter?

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