I was into it before it was cool!

How many times have you heard that in your life?

Probably a lot!

Because there are all kinds of folks out there who like to point out that they blazed the trail that so many others followed…and then everything went to s**t.

What was ruined because too many people started doing it?

AskReddit users spoke up.

1. Not great quality.


It’s always been popular, but thanks to super cheap Chinese materials and online ‘5 minute craft’ the craft fairs and websites have been flooded with badly made and expensive tat. Etsy is a great example.

Yes you get your well made items, but the majority is awful.”

2. Overrun.

“I was born and raised in Utah.

As a kid/teenager I loved going to the different national parks and backpacking through various canyons.

Now, I completely avoid travel on holidays knowing that all the places I loved are overrun with tourists.”

3. Geocaching.

“Was a prolific geocacher in 2006-2010.

Found over 1000 over the years, across several countries and had a great deal of fun. However over time it became more and more problematic.

In the UK we suddenly had the self appointed Geocaching UK who started (almost) arbitrarily deciding on what could it couldn’t be done. They started sucking the life out of it.”

4. The hot ticket.

“Storage unit auction. TV shows ruined it.

Too many people thought they could get rich. Auctions that would have 1 or 2 dozen people went to 100+.

Unit prices went way up. Took all the fun out of it.”

5. All the rage.


Last summer, camping was just about the only thing you could do pandemic-wise besides stay inside with family and watch the walls.

Problem is, lots of people who headed out had little to no experience or knowledge of camping and the common practices and courtesies around food storage, fire management, personal hygiene, being a good neighbor, pack in/pack out, leave no trace, etc.

Frankly, plenty of the people I saw didn’t really seem to give a s**t about any of that anyways.

There was so much damage and so many law enforcement complaints that the National Forests are likely to be closed to any sort of dispersed camping (camping outside of designated campgrounds).”

6. Too many jerks.


I always wanted to do it and I do own one but decided to not cosplay after seeing so many a**hole teens and adults bullying kids for their cosplays.

It used to be fun to do and I’ve done closet cosplays before but last year when cosplaying blew up so many a**holes joined the community.”

7. Portlandia.

“Portland. Was an amazing city 10 years ago.

Got too cool for its own good and got saturated with everyone moving there. Now every event in city is ruined because too many people show up, there’s no parking anywhere and the simplest spontaneous idea to check something out becomes a stressful logistical nightmare.

Glad i don’t live there anymore. But I remember it at its prime which is why it’s hard for me.”

8. Happening all over the place.

“The town where I live.

We were once a small town surrounding by hiking trails, lakes, rivers and mountains. Now people from Seattle and California have found our town and sell their house for an exorbitant amount of money just to buy houses here.

Except when they buy the houses here, they offer cash and way above asking so now us locals can’t afford to live here because sellers know they can get more money.

I mean a 1 bed apartment is going for $1600 and an 800 sq ft house in a horrible neighborhood is $300,000.”

9. So weird.

“Gender reveal parties. This is something that shouldn’t have ever become popular in the first place.

In today’s day and age, you can effectively do this by just announcing the gender of your child in a group text, then announce a baby shower later.

But noooooo, we have to throw a spectacle over the matter like a bunch of egomaniacs.”

10. Teeny tiny.

“The tiny home movement. It used to be a savy bunch of cost effective upcyclers.

Now its its own seperate economy and some of those models being presented out there now cost 3 times the amount i paid for my first home (& that included the land it sat on).”

11. A hot destination.


The amount of traffic, the skyrocketing numbers of homeless, the skyrocketing prices of real estate.

The transplants who love nature and “come for the mountains” but end up disrespecting it.”

12. I’m a professional.


Every person with a digital camera and some Adobe presets thinks they are worth $300 an hour or should be featured in Nat Geo.”

Not it’s your turn.

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