Every family has secrets.

Yours, mine, all of them…

And if you think I’m wrong, well, your family secrets just haven’t been spilled yet…

What’s your wildest family secret?

Buzzfeed users shared their stories.

1. The affair.

“When my aunt passed away suddenly, my mom helped my cousin go through her house. My cousin found some of my aunt’s old diaries where she confessed that her husband wasn’t my cousin’s father.

She’d had an affair, and my cousin’s biological father d**d in an accident on a farm while my aunt was pregnant. My mom admitted that my aunt had told her the truth 27 years prior, and she’d kept the secret all those years.

It created a huge rift between my cousin and my mom for a good 15 years.”

2. Still alive.

“Ancestry DNA discovered my mom’s ‘d**d’ father was alive and well living in Colorado with a whole new family.

The things you learn…”

3. Back in the day.

“During Prohibition, my grandfather and grandmother ran a speakeasy and brothel that was allowed to stay open because they paid 5% of their profits to the police chief (who also was a frequent customer).”

4. Wow.

“My great-grandfather m**dered somebody in Northern Ireland and had to flee the country because there was a bounty on him.

He came to America during the Depression and married my great-grandma.

He had no intention of ever coming to America before that, so basically the only reason I’m sitting here typing this is because some poor dude in Belfast was m**dered.”

5. Keep it in the family.

“I learned that my grandpa and his second wife were cousins.

First cousins.”

6. Sorry about that.

“When I was older, I found out that my ultra-conservative, extremely religious, and judgmental aunt was a stripper when she was younger.

Turns out that wasn’t the only scandalous thing she’s ever done. Her fourth kid isn’t actually her husband’s. The baby is actually her husband’s best friend’s. My cousin is 25 and still has no idea his dad isn’t his real dad.

We would always make comments about how different he looked when we were younger. Sorry dude!”

7. The secret child.

“My uncle had a secret child and no one is supposed to know, but my auntie let it slip one day.

The secret child is the same age as my cousin, and they used to be in the same school in a small town.

They don’t know they are related.”

8. Somewhere out there…

“When I was younger, there were ‘talks’ that my dad had had an extramarital affair that resulted in a child, but I never paid attention to it.

When I was older, I asked my aunts, and they ended up spilling the entire story.

Turns out it was true, and I have a sibling somewhere in Mexico.”

9. What?!?!

“Three days before my great-grandmother d**d, she was reminiscing and said something along the lines of, ‘I’ve lived a good life. I was married seven times and had four kids. I can’t complain.’

Thing is, we only knew about four marriages and three kids.

She refused to say more and passed soon after.”

10. Figures…

“I was bu**ied by many of my male cousins when I was a kid because they thought I was gay. I recently learned that many of those same guys are secretly f**king each other.

They discovered that I was actually gay from social media and approached me to join their ‘group.’ I declined because that’s too much for me, thanks.”

11. Behind closed doors.

“My grandfather, who was a well respected, Christian minister, was actually extremely cold and a**sive behind closed doors, especially to his only son, who was estranged from him as soon as he was old enough to leave home.

I always wondered why I didn’t know those cousins, and why they lived far away. Come to find out it was because my grandfather would do things like beat him up for getting caught smoking or not paying attention in church…anything that made him “look bad” as a minister.”

12. Behind bars.

“I had an uncle that I loved spending time with and he was always very good when playing with me and my cousins.

About 4 -5 years ago, he left and I had no idea where he went. It was obvious the adults in my family knew where he was, but me being 8 years old didn’t know. I always thought that maybe he and my aunt got divorced or something.

I’m 13 now and my mom recently told me where he was. It turns out he was in prison because he was found with drugs on him. Even though he is in prison he is a great uncle and gets out next year.”

What’s your wildest family secret?

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