I know that I watch way too many true crime shows, but jeez, they kind of make me want to never get into a relationship again.

Why? Well, because roughly 90% of these shows revolve around people going crazy and doing horrible things to their exes after they break up and get divorced.

People are nuts…

What’s the craziest thing your ex did after your divorce?

People shared their stories on AskReddit.

1. Kidnapped.

“Kidnapped my 3 boys from my house when I went on my first post-divorce date. Our loved and trusted babysitter was with them, I left dinner ready and kids bathed and already in their jammies.

Left for the movie theater when I got a text from my babysitter that she was sorry for not doing the dishes after dinner. So I texted back “Thats ok, I can do dishes later, but you’ve got a couple hours as well, the movie hasn’t started yet.” She was at home as my ex husband had shown up, lied and said he was supposed to have the boys that night and that I had said it was ok. I was livid. I knew he was a bit crazy, but I had no idea he was capable of this.

I stepped out of the theater, called him and he said “If you are going to be dating strangers and endangering the lives of MY kids, I will take them.”

Wtf. So I called the police, they did a report, we went to court and he was found in contempt for violating our parenting plan.”

2. Crazy.

“Called me on my birthday 2 years after divorce offering to make it special and was quite insistent that I take her up on that opportunity.

Was not amused to find out my GF (now wife!) had heard the entire conversation on speaker.”

3. Hell no.

“He basically got everything, house, car, furniture. I just wanted out.

Two years later he is broke and homeless, wanted to get back together.

Sorry, but hell no.”

4. Unstable.

“She would stalk my Reddit account and angrily text me if she didn’t like my posts talking about her cheating on me. I came home from seeing my grandmother on her d**th bed and found she had cheated.

She also texted me accusing me of sabotaging her attempts to get a job that requires a security clearance. Apparently it was my fault and not the fact she had already been denied a security clearance for mental instability.”

5. Saw that one coming.

“During the whole process of divorcing she insistent she wanted to be single and hadn’t cheated on me.

5 days before we sold our house she posted on Facebook that she was in a relationship with the guy I had asked about her cheating on me with.

A year later they were engaged, a year after engagement they are married.”

6. Ugh.

“The divorce was fairly amicable, but he met a woman on the internet and moved her into his apartment a month later. She h**ed seeing me because “I had hurt him” but was also apparently “still in love with him.” (spoiler: I was emphatically NOT.)

She decided that getting my son removed from my custody would solve all her problems, so she called my work and made ridiculously false allegations to my administrator about my conduct with students but sounded drunk/high and wouldn’t leave a name or contact information.

Admin pulled her number from the caller ID, and ex confirmed that it was that heifer’s Oregon phone number. I had to get a temporary protective order for her, so ex had her move out. Then she slashed my tires on Mother’s Day. (He confirmed that one after they broke up.)

Y’all, HE KEPT DATING HER FOR ANOTHER YEAR EVEN THOUGH HE KNEW ABOUT EVERYTHING! My therapist at the time told me that ex probably found her behavior FLATTERING.”

7. Don’t need that.

“My ex-husband messages/calls me every November. Our divorce was finalized November 2015. Last time I decided not to answer because I’m in a committed relationship. But every year, like clockwork.

Our divorce was messy to say the least and after our final court hearing we stood outside for like an hour talking about his girlfriend problems. I guess he just needed a friend but I don’t anymore. At least, I don’t need him as a friend.”

8. Brutal.

“Continuously texted at all hours threatening s**cide, I would rush over to do a welfare check and he’d open the door with a smile “Hey, since you’re here want to come in for a beer/s**?”

Hard pass.

Starting upping it, I rush over, he’s nowhere to be found, I’m calling his parents, friends…turns out he was just at a bar. Another time he left a funeral playlist, a note, disappears off the face of the earth for almost a day, reappears so d**nk he almost ran into the house.

After that, I just couldn’t take it anymore, so the next time he started texting I warned him that I would call the police if he was being serious, but I wasn’t coming to check. He went 0-100 real quick about how he’d be d**d before they got here, etc.

So I called them, he ended up getting 5150ed for the night, VERY upset with me the next day, demanding a ride and so on. I hung up, called his mom, said not my mess anymore here’s the address.

So then he just found new ways to t**ture me for a few years but that one stands out the most.”

9. Miserable and broke.

“Immediately got married.

Maybe within 3 weeks was engaged in a very public way, in 3 months had adopted her child, and came crawling back 3 years later because she was codependent and broke and a bad mother/wife.

Rejected and they’re still together— and I presume, miserable and broke now.”

10. Holy s**t!

“She got married 7 more times!

I was husband #1 when we were 18 y/o, divorced by 20 y/o, and now at 44 she is getting her 8th divorce…”

11. Unforgiveable.

“Ki**ed or Euthanized our dog, then lied about that he d**d of natural causes.

Given the dog was old and blind, but b**ch pleaded that she wanted a weekend with him, and then the next night sent me a fake txt that he passed away during the night at like 3 am because he coughed and then just stopped breathing.

That s**t wasn’t true, I found out later after finding and calling the vet she brought him to, that she bad mouthed me about and that he was suffering and needed to be put to sleep because he was in agony and I was supposedly letting him suffer. She had him out to sleep like the day she took him home, like 3 hours afterwards. Never got to say goodbye due to that b**ch.”

12. Wow.

“While we were separated and working on our divorce, he would come whine to me about relationship issues. With my cousin, with whom he’d had an affair and for whom he’d left me.

Mind you, he’d moved in with not just her but her common-law husband. And then was upset by how many other boyfriends she had. This is my cousin who has more babydaddies than she has babies. Two of her offspring are simultaneously half-brothers and cousins. She’s never been known for her monogamy, in other words, but he claimed to have been in love with her since they were children, and this was magically supposed to make her return his affections.

Among the best witnessed-from-a-distance bits of this nonsense were him getting jealous of her visiting her husband and running her off the road in his work van, and generally hanging around screwing her instead of taking jobs, to the extent that there were trainees making more money than he was after he’d been there more than a year and he was eventually invited to resign or be fired.

Then there was the time he was doing armed security and, angry at how taking our children on a first date to Austin (he expected to be allowed to stay over at this woman’s apartment with his children and her children, and she was rightly horrified at the whole thing) didn’t go over well, had an argument with his girlfriend at the time–not my cousin, but the ex-wife of a different cousin–and drove to her house in his work vehicle to threaten her with a g**. This resulted in a firing, a restraining order, and loss of his right to carry a g**.

Then there was the girlfriend who insisted that if he really loved her, he’d move into the homeless shelter with her. So he fabricated being kicked out of his parents’ house and spent the requisite month sleeping outside on the shelter’s patio before intake, then spent years longer than the relationship living in the shelter, only finally leaving to move in with a woman he’d met a month earlier, after ostentatiously asking our children’s permission (as you can imagine, they felt they had no choice).

Basically it’s been thirteen years of reeling from one relationship to the next, all overlapping, and the kids pulled into them from the very first second. He’s currently trying desperately to find another girlfriend to move in with as the current one is kicking him out to move to Virginia with a new boyfriend of her own (this after some time of subjecting the kids to loud arguments over his p**n addiction and their d**d s** life) and naturally blaming me for the fact that his two oldest children both refuse to talk to him at all.

Two of my shortcomings as a wife, by the way, were being too classy (he quoted Confederate Railroad to me) and not providing the drama he felt requisite in a relationship.”

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