We all know people who peaked in high school

It’s just a fact of life that some folks never get over those glory years…and honestly, it’s kind of sad…

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1. Get over it.

“I had a conversation in a bar with a drinking buddy years ago. The guy kept going on about “the one that got away.”

How perfect she was and their chemistry together, how natural it was, how he hasn’t felt that way about any girl since, yadda yadda.

He was feeling pretty sorry for himself and uninterested in meeting anyone else because they could never compare. When I asked how long ago it was that she moved away, he said “8th grade.” LMFAO.”

2. Like Al Bundy.

“I graduated in 2005.

I was sitting at a tire shop waiting for my truck to get done and an employee slightly older than me walks up to me and asks me, with no previous interaction, if I played football in high school. Wondering where this was going, I responded that I did, but I wasn’t great at it.

He asked what school I went to, and I told him. Then he starts talking about himself. How he was “all conference” and walking me through all of his high school accolades…

I never asked for this conversation. I just sat there wondering why this nearly 40 year old, wildly out of shape, tire shop supervisor was telling me all of this. Then just as soon as it started he bid me good day and walked off. It was bizarre.

The best comparison I could make was that he was like the manager “Dan” from the movie Waiting. That was his vibe.

That’s how I knew he peaked in high school.”

3. Gross.

“Still acting like a typical “Mean Girl” when they’re d**n near (or past) 30.”

They just graduate from mean girl to mean woman.

I think some people are just mean.”

4. Wow.

“About 5 years ago, I ran into one of the more popular girls in school at the mall. She was a cashier, and when I went up with my purchases, she actually said “Ew aren’t you that nerd from school?”

I literally just said hi. After that, I didn’t say anything, just paid and left. I felt bad for her more than anything else because she clearly peaked in high school.”

5. Time to move on…

“My ex stepmother constantly bragged about being a cheerleader in high school and winning a beauty walk (in a town of like 500 people).

She was still bragging about these the last time I saw her. She was in her mid 40s.”

6. LOL.

“Anyone that has a “salt life” decal on their car when they live nowhere near the ocean or even a salt mine.”

7. Yuck.

“Living their dreams through their kids.

We have a lot of that in my town. Trying to redo it all again. It is a lot. It makes me roll my eyes a lot.

My kids enjoyed high school. It was fun watching them dance, do band and play football. But I was not invested in it as if it was happening to me. I wanted it for them…good things. But if it didn’t I prepared them for that too.

When my son’s team lost the state championship game his senior year after the team winning the 5 years before and 3 years after…I watched a guy go off on his kid because it was his job to “win it”. WTAH? My son was devastated.

But he still had amazing things to come and has went on to do amazing things. Yeah he looks back and hates they loss …but it was a teaching moment.”

8. Sounds familiar…

“When the former high school bully you beat in a karate tournament with an illegal face kick shows up at your business and all your employees know exactly who he is.”

9. Enough!

“Constantly talking about their high school sport experiences.

Buddy, you’re 32.

Nobody gives a flying f**k that you lettered in lacrosse and basketball.”

10. Sad.

“When I was a teen, in the ’90s, I frequently rode the city bus and there was a guy who would ride the bus just to talk to people.

He was really nice, and I didn’t mind talking to him, but he was stuck on his high school football career to the point that everyone he talked to was handled a business card with his contact info on it and his high school senior photo.

He was like 80.”

11. Here’s a story…

“A story from my real life about an experience with a 30-something who definitely peaked in high school:

About 15 years ago, I was working at a retail store. At the time, I was in my early 20s. I worked with a woman in her mid-30s. One day, pizza was ordered for what I assumed was for all employees. Also, I was told by the manager that there was pizza and to take a break and get some. I went up to the break room, and the co-worker was also in the break room.

I grabbed a couple of slices of the pizza and began eating. She clearly was pissed that I did this. I assumed she was annoyed that I was eating the pizza, but being young and fearing conflict, I just let it go, figuring she would, too. Besides, the manager told me to have some.

On my next break, I go to the break room, and the pizza boxes are still on the table. Except there is something written on the top: (paraphrasing) “This is not for you, don’t take things that don’t belong to you without asking!!” I was upset but knew the manager had told me I could have some and figured it would blow over.

It did not blow over. From that day, anytime I was near her, she would talk about my looks or anything she thought might get a rise out of me to her friends. If it wasn’t that, she was obviously annoyed by my presence and made it crystal clear in a passive-aggressive, petty way. Her behavior reminded me of a high school mean girl. Her immaturity because of some stupid misunderstanding could have been solved if she had just talked to me about it.”

12. Truth!

“How do you know if someone peaked in high school?

Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.”

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