Sometimes, you can just tell

I’m talking about when you can just TELL that someone is a bada** and they’re not to be trifled with.

And today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about signs that tell them not to mess with someone.

Check out what they had to say!

1. Scary.

“I worked in an inpatient psych hospital for 5 years.

The people I feared the most were average build 20-35 year old white dudes coming down off of m**h induced psychosis. They were always wirey, they didn’t feel pain, they had no regard for your safety and a ton of energy.

My worst nightmare to restrain. Skinny little wrists would always get out of the straps. There was no reasoning with them.”

2. It’s GO time.

“1000 yard/ disassociated stare.

Especially when in a confrontation.

That person is not all there and when they go they will GO.”

3. Didn’t see that coming.

“Dude I used to work with who was absolutely massive got punched really hard once on a night out, unprovoked.

He simply looked at the dude, smiled a wide genuine grin & said “why would you do that, man?”

The guy who hit him did not try for a second punch.”

4. Calm and collected.

“When they try to diffuse the situation instead of talking s**t.

The key to this one is confidence in their approach.

If someone can calmly collect themselves to diffuse a situation, it means they’d prefer not to scuffle, but in a way that insinuates that they aren’t worried about the outcome of that scenario.”

5. The protector.

“There’s just a way that some people carry themselves. As a tiny nerd in 8th grade I accidentally became friends with a 7th grader from a very rough background.

That was the moment I stopped being b**lied, and my buddy genuinely never did a thing. I knew he was involved in some horrific v**lence, but in the time we spent together, he never put his hands on anyone. Basically the moment he turned to the offending person and assumed *that* posture and *that* stare, the argument was over.

So I remembered that for ever, and now whenever I see people carry themselves like that I assume they’re hardcore.”

6. The look.

“My husband is a combat veteran and can spot someone who has seen real action immediately.

I’ve asked him how he knows and he can’t articulate it.

There’s just a “look.””

7. He’s right.

“One of the best pieces of advice my grandpa ever gave me is “Don’t pick fights with old men with thick necks, girls who grew up with brothers, or little guys with messed up ears. And if you do, always stop and ask yourself ‘Exactly how crazy is this sonofab**ch?’”

8. Uh oh.

“An unnaturally flattened nose. Sometimes paired with a thick neck.

Those guys can take a punch…and absolutely don’t mind catching a few while they move in to get their hands around your neck.”

9. Nailed it.

“The biggest giveaway for me has always been someone looking around in a situation where they are about to have to fight.

A person in their face yelling or posturing at them, and they aren’t looking at that person at all. But are instead looking over them or around past them.

That is someone who is about to f**k another person up. If you are ever mad at someone, or shouting at someone, and they start looking past you, behind you, or to the sides, you are about to get f**ked up.”

10. Now you know.

“Never f**k with the small bouncer.

The big guys got hired because they’re big and intimidating.

The little guy got hired because he’ll f**k you up.”

11. Run for it!

“The ones you have to watch out for are the quiet, secure, unbothered ones.

If you successfully p**s them off?

Run. Run fast.”

12. Seen it all.

“Spent a large chunk of my teenage years in juvenile correctional facilities and getting into stupid s**t.

Between age 14 – 20 I had been in more fistfights than some UFC fighters (quantity not quality). I have nerve damage in my hands and they get stiffer and clumsier as I get older, had to pick up painting miniatures to keep fine motor control. I have tattoos to cover the scars at work (IT job).

With that I have learned:

1: loud guys are soft guys. They want to be loved and accepted, but start s**t out of fear they’ll be rejected or as a reaction to rejection

2: cauliflower ear. They probably know what they’re doing. Avoid unless you’re a seasoned fighter or also know what you’re doing.

3: smart guys. They might not be the fastest or strongest, but they’ve learned the kinetics of fighting – momentum, balance, and gravity. 1 kid kept a hand towel near him at all times and used it in a fight and almost killed another kid once (caught his arm when he swung, wrapped, twisted, and flung him into a toilet and gave him a concussion)

4: guys that walked slow and never broke eye contact. They weren’t afraid of anything and more often than not had a high pain tolerance. Usually pretty quiet.

5: bulky/muscular guys aren’t always “good fighters”. But if they caught you lacking – it was lights out.

Most importantly though – I learned you don’t f**k with anybody. The wirey funny guy always cracking jokes could be the one take you out of your shoes.

And some people can just snap. The guy that gets f**ked with can be the one that pops and that adrenaline rush gave the burst of strength to suplex you into a concrete bench.

Be kind to everyone until you’re forced to not be so kind.”

13. All different kinds.

“There’s all different kinds of people you shouldn’t fuck with. Most people here are describing people who will kick your a** in a fight, but the theres also people who will set your house on fire in the d**d of night, or people who will make up the worlds sh**tiest rumors about you and get everybody to believe it.”

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