To each their own when it comes to raising their kids, right?

But still, you can’t help but notice when moms and dads do things that you don’t agree with…

What parenting trends do you disagree with?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Not good.

“Denying your kid any negative experiences or emotions.

They are a normal part of being a person, teach them to handle negative emotions now before you send them out into a world they are not prepared to handle.”

2. Ugh.

“Pretending that not parenting is parenting.

‘I wont tell my child to stop kicking your leg repeatedly because i don’t want to crush his spirit!'”

3. Creepy and weird.

“I don’t know how much of a trend it was but I’m TikTok there was a trend of parents throwing away their kids art in front of them and the parents would like laugh while the kid was sobbing.

That’s fu**ed up! Of course you can’t keep every art work your kid makes but you throw it away when they aren’t home or asleep. My mom used to wait until I was asleep and throw it away in the outside can

The kids I babysit there parents ask me to take their art they do with me so it doesn’t pile up but I tell them I’m keeping it because it’s so good

There’s no reason to make your kid feel like they aren’t a good artist or just feel like their parents don’t care for some TikTok views.”

4. Fakin’ it.

“Fake “Gentle Parenting”

You hear and see so many parents letting their children do whatever they want, no matter how destructive, rude or hurtful their behaviours are.

Parents find themselves beholden to the whims of their childrens’ emotions in the name of gentle parenting, instead of true gentle parenting where (so I hear) boundaries are set alongside validating emotions.”

5. Gotta have boundaries.

“Not setting clear boundaries. You are the adult, not the kid.

Children benefit sooo much more from clear rules and consequences.”


“The “bulldozer” parent.

i.e, the parent who removes all obstacles/challenges from a child’s life so they don’t learn about perseverance, problem solving, failure (sometimes you can try hard and still not get the reward) and learning from mistakes – unless the goal is to develop a highly anxious person – then, being a bulldozer parent is great.”

7. Why?

“That thing where they pretend they got their kids a PS5 for example, the kids are freaking out with excitement, but then its just a PS5 box filled with books or something.”

8. No means no.

“Not saying no to your child.

They have to learn to deal with a no sometimes, and having a chat about why it is no and whether it could be a yes another time is also an important part of them learning to deal with no.”

9. Total BS.

“Not believing the teacher ever. “My kid never lies to me”.

Seriously. Parents absolutely should be their kid’s biggest supporter.

But support sometimes means holding the kid responsible when they don’t do the right thing.”

10. Helicopter parents.

“Nonstop supervision. Hovering over them at every turn.

Whatever happened to tossing them in a play area in another room and letting them create, explore, and get the occasional bumps?”

11. Don’t talk back to me!

“Parents who punish their kids for speaking up or otherwise explaining something, saying that they’re “talking back”.

I honestly don’t get why most parents refuse to admit they’re not always right sometimes.

Besides, what if their kid one day comes up to them and says another adult is touching them inappropriately?”

12. Totally.

“Pushing them too hard in sports, academics, etc.

Like pushing til they need therapy or get injured, no free time, no downtime.

FFS, they only get to be young & without excessive responsibilities once.”

Are there any parenting trends you don’t like?

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