I’ve been wanting to tell you something for a long time…I love you…

Long silence

Can you pass the ketchup?


That exchange didn’t actually happen to me, but it could have!

And I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t yet…

Anyway, enough about me: check out what AskReddit users think are some of the worst responses to “I love you” that you could ever hear.

1. Doh!


Oh, wait…

You’re not joking, are you?”

2. Say something!

“Complete silence.

That’s the worst in my opinion.”

3. Oh, no…

“”As a friend right?”

I’ve actually said that in a moment of sheer panic.

Everything was super awkward after that…”

4. Over and over again.


That’s what I always say.”

5. That’s not good.

“We need to talk.

This one by far, the others are more cold or unresponsive.

This is more “I’m sorry to break this to you but I’ve been banging your whole family and also you need to get checked for gonorrhoea and also I’m leaving you…””

6. Ouch.

“Good to know.

Ouch…this is the coldest one.”

7. Thanks!

“This reminded me of the episode of friends where Ross confessed to Emily at airport and she replied by saying “Thanks”.

Even I felt weird.”

8. Heartbreaking.

“The worse thing she could say is “no, ewww.”

This literally happened to my best friend in highschool. There was a girl he liked, and he told the day before he was going to ask her out “i might as well go for it, the worst she could say is no!”

The next day he looked broken when I saw him and he told me the conversation went like this, “I like you, would you want to go on a date?” “I think I’m gunna throw up.”

The dude was definitely better off without her toxic a**. My homie dodged a bullet but it still left a mark on him. Took him a while to recover from that one.”

9. Okay…

“I’m hungry…

Let’s get something to eat.”

10. See you later.

“A blank stare and them walking away, gradually increasing their speed to running, until they disappear around a corner or over the horizon.”

11. No!

“Well now that I have your attention, we’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.”

12. Poor girl.

“I’ll never forget it my first girlfriend told me she loved me I’ll I could do was stutter “I, I, I gotta go.”

13. Polite, but still stings.

“I appreciate that but I don’t feel like I’m quite ready to say it back, but I’m getting there and I still really really like you.”

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