Pssshhhht, don’t even worry about it!

You’ll be fine!

Yes, my friends, there are things that are illegal that people seem to do anyway without suffering any consequences…

And AskReddit users were nice enough to fill us in on what those things are!

Take a look!

1. Use a leash!

“People refuse to leash their dogs even in city parks or streets, despite the fact that parks have signs everywhere stating it’s illegal and you’ll receive a fine.

I unfortunately think it just doesn’t get enforced, and everyone thinks their dog is the best dog ever.

It is extremely annoying when you have a reactive dog that freaks the f**k out when your good boy comes at us at a full sprint.

Leash your f**king dogs.”

2. You just admitted it.

“I bought a $4k computer in Oregon and had my company ship it to me in California.

I pay PLENTY of California taxes, so no shame.”

3. Breaking the law.

“In Arizona it’s only legal to own two s** toys but i know plenty of women down here breaking that law!”

4. See it all the time.

“Urinating in public (usually happens near parks of some sort).

It’s illegal is many if not all countries but only a few enforce it or watch for it.”

5. Feed me.

“In some areas, “feeding the meter” aka putting more money in a parking meter when it’s close to running out of time.

The reason parking meters have a time limit (1 hour, 2 hours) is because they want to force cars to leave after that time (generally when the parking is for commercial businesses so they can have turnover for customers).

If you max it out, then come back and add more time, you’re extending your car’s stay past that limit and can, in theory, be ticketed. Pretty much no one enforces it, however.”

6. Rebels!

“Pirating various media; movies, music, games etc.

I’ve never heard of anybody getting any kind of serious punishment for this, the most I heard was someone being given a notice by their ISP for exceeding the fair use cap on their downloads.”

7. Still dangerous…


Only very few places are there consequences, such as certain parts of California.

But other places , police aren’t even allowed to ticket you.”

8. No big deal.

“In the UK, s**king cannabis.

I don’t know anyone who has gotten into trouble for s**king weed. There’s many police forces over that, even though cannabis is illegal, refuse to enforce the law on the drug due to lack of funding.

The most I’ve heard of from the people I know is that the police might make you throw your blunt down the drain and give you a light telling off, that’s it, nothing like the madness I hear about in the USA.”

9. Noisy.

“Modify mufflers to make them louder.

I think that is not technically illegal but there are decibel ordinances in most communities I believe.”

10. Better hide it.

“Carrying a Sharpie.

In some places, it’s considered an item of graffiti, so therefore it’s illegal to carry one around.”

11. Lame.

“Landlords making demands that are against the law.

They usually get what they want since people are often desperate for a roof. AND, even if people push back and win, the worst that happens to the landlord is that they forego the demand.

No additional consequences.”

12. All the time.

“I’m a cyclist and I’ve noticed a metric s**tload of us ride against traffic.

I apologize for the s**theads that partake in this sport.”

What do you think is illegal but people do it anyway?

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