What do you consider to be moral…but illegal?

There are a ton of possibilities, so it will be interesting to see how AskReddit users responded to this question.

Read on to see what they had to say.

1. Ridiculous.

“Putting money in someone else’s expired parking meter.

Also, if you park in a spot that still has some time left on the meter, you’re still supposed to pay.

Yes, the time was paid for, but not by you. Pay up.”

2. Dumb.

“You can be charged for a DUI for sleeping in your car while intoxicated.

My dad had one of these for jury duty recently and he upfront told them he thought that law should change because it’s much more responsible for the person to sleep it off instead of driving.”

3. Doesn’t make sense.

“Self defense by proxy (stepping in to protect someone else who is unable to protect themself).

Ex: If your friend is getting beaten up by someone, you step in to protect your friend, that person who was beating up your friend, could have you arrested for a**ault (they might also be arrested for a**ault, but they can take you down with them).”

4. Hmmm…

“When I was an RA in college, we were explicitly told to never touch someone if we found them passed out d**nk.

Even if they were in danger (ie: face down in their own vomit). We as students had MANY questions for the staff, and it boiled down to being a liability. It was hammered into us to not interfere, even if it meant someone could d**.

I know several RAs who helped move students to a safer location when they were intoxicated. They lost their jobs.”

5. It’s time to make this legal.

“Letting people d** with dignity.

It just doesn’t sit right with me when someone has a terminal illness, they know they’re going to d**, painfully in some cases, they cannot choose to avoid all that.

The laws say they have to endure it all. It’s just not right.”

6. Definitely illegal.

“Pirating Adobe products.

I miss when everything wasn’t subscription-based.”

7. Weird.

“Collecting rainwater.

It is also a way to control the flow of water for farming, which is why I believe the laws are mostly in place for.”

8. Civil disobedience.

“MLK and Gandhi did civil disobedience to protest unjust laws.

I think that would count.

For it to be effective, it can’t be the response to every bad law, but I believe their situations justified it.”

9. In the news a lot.

“In some US states now, getting an ab**tion when you’re a 10 year old r**e victim.

Or just getting an a**rtion period…”

10. A basic necessity.

“Stealing food if you are starving.

Other countries have refused to throw people in jail because they were in danger of dying if they didn’t.”

11. A divisive issue.

“I’d argue prostitution.

If it’s legal, everyone is tested and protected, and fully consenting… I think it’s moral and shouldn’t be illegal.

I’d argue the illegality of it is what causes most of the problems for those that do it.”

12. Zero tolerance.

“Defending yourself against a bully in school.

Zero tolerance to v**lence policies aren’t 100% a good thing.”

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