fYou know those people who dress up in wild clothes and crazy headwear to go to music festivals all summer?

Yeah, I find those people to be cringeworthy…

But to each their own and I’m glad they’re having fun!

And there seems to be a helluva lot of them out there. So good for them!

But it’s not for me…

What do you find cringeworthy that other people don’t?

Check out what people had to say about this.

1. Not into it.

“On Facebook when people are asking for recommendations for something and they finish it with “And go!!””

2. Please go away.

“People singing at me.

I have no idea what to do and feel cringe the entire time.

Some people love just having people sing to them though.”

3. Uh oh.

“Public proposals.

I saw a guy do this once at a big outdoor party (to honor a couple who had been married the previous day.) He got everyone’s attention and made a big show of removing layers of jackets and shirts with each layer symbolic of something, until he stood there bare-chested, which was “as just himself.”

He did this in front of her tween daughter, too. She was completely in shock.

The woman was clearly stunned, and not happy. She nodded and said yes, but everyone could see it wasn’t enthusiastic at all.

They never did marry.”

4. Gonna be a star!

“Public vlogs.

I couldn’t fathom walking around the city holding a camcorder on a stick and talking to myself.”

5. Can’t do it.

“Dating profiles/ bios .

I just can’t not feel weird about advertising my self to randos.”

6. There are a lot of these…

“The ‘insert word here’ challenge.

It’s not a challenge. It’s dumb.”

7. The three Ls…

“Live. Laugh. Love.

Anywhere, in any order.

Clearly some people enjoy that s**t.”

8. For the love of God.

“Turning on music/ singing loudly in public places.

I always listen to music in my headphones.”

9. I’m a hero!

“Filming yourself doing acts of kindness.

If someone is going to do something nice for me, and they film me and post that s**t online I’ll be p**sed.”

10. Enough!

“Addison Rae’s Google commercial that comes on every 5 seconds on YouTube.

Go away, you make my teeth grind and my eyes roll.

One the stupidest commercials I’ve ever seen.”

11. Happens here, too…

“Men who define their entire existence with being a fan of a sports team.

This is incredibly common in the UK.”

12. That’s weird.

“Watching people do excessively performative wine tasting in a restaurant.

I don’t know what it is about it, but seeing them breaking their wrists swirling it around incessantly, sniffing it three thousand times, only to go back for another 10-min swirling sesh before even tasting it drives me absolutely bat s**t nuts.

Like I get it, some people enjoy wine and the tasting method is part of that. But idk something about a group of three or four sitting round a table doing it and glancing at each other knowingly really makes me cringe so hard I might turn inside out.”

13. Yikes…

“Dressing little girls like adults, like full makeup , red mini dress , fancy shoes , etc. I’ve seen kids on the internet dress like that and its wrong for me.

That the child is probably 5. At 5 years old you watch tv while eating Oreo ice cream. Its the parents who dresses their like that , and I hear by that “I dont want my child to be a child” Because no 5 year old will like to wear tight dresses.

I’m cringed out by the parents who dof that.”

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