I went to a wedding once a few years ago and I could just tell…

I could tell that the marriage wasn’t going to last.

The body language between the couple was way off and they didn’t seem all that happy with each other.

Sadly, I was right and it didn’t work out…sometimes you just know.

AskReddit users talked about wedding moments that made them think marriages weren’t going to last.

1. Fight!

“He got so f**ked up at the reception he had a fist fight with her cousin in the toilets over coke. He told all the other cousins to f**k off.

He hit on my aunt. He told my cousins child to come back to him when she was 15/16. And he forgot to bring his child to the hotel.”

2. Terrible.

“The bride had a bruised eye covered by make-up.

Also it was visible that walking was hurting her. I might think it was because the corset was pushing on broken ribs.

Took her 3 years to run away.”

3. That escalated quickly.

“My cousin got married probably a decade ago and during the wedding it came out that groom was not the best to my cousin while dating.

The bride’s brother did not take this well and during the after party a shouting match became a brawl between the two families. Next thing you know the police show up and literally pepper spray everyone. Including my grandma, kids and anyone near the area.

I don’t remember if anyone got arrested but the story got on CBS the early show for the international news. Lol they did not last long to say the least.”

4. A beautiful night.

“When the bride drank vodka out of a pint glass and spent a significant amount of time making out with another guy on the dance floor.”

5. Bridezilla.

“Groom had surprise gifts scheduled to show up once an hour for the 8 hours prior to the wedding, with special meaning behind each one relating to relevant moments of their relationship.

Bride was b**chy because some of them weren’t up to her standards.

They’re currently in the “maybe if we have a baby, the immense increased stress will save our marriage” stage.”

6. Awkward.

“When the bride tried to playfully feed the groom some cake, pulling it back once it got close to his mouth. The third time she did this, he slapped it out of her hand and stormed off.

In the ensuing awkward silence and wide-eyed staring, we all knew it wouldn’t last.

Surprisingly, they were together for nearly two years before the bride eloped away with her step-brother. No one saw that coming.”

7. Leave him in the dust.

“Prior to my wedding I’d asked my husband to practice dancing with me because I’m uncoordinated, due to a disability. He blew me off and said we’d be fine.

As we were dancing, he spoke in my ear, not even quietly. “What are you doing? What’s wrong with you? You’re embarrassing me!!”

We lasted 2 years. Leaving was the best decision I ever made.”

8. Yikes!

“My uncle when he broke his neck trying to breakdance on his stag night.

He went down the aisle in a wheelchair. She divorced shortly after.

He can walk again now but because of his surgery he cannot turn his neck.”

9. Rough night.

“I was invited to a high school friend’s wedding. The night before the wedding she asked me to join her future husband’s bachelor party.

He had no friends and it was only he, his brother, his father, and I. They were not thrilled with my presence. They wanted to go to a strip club, but thought I would rat them out. We to a bar, but I could tell I was the turd in the punch bowl, so I went back to the hotel and they went to a strip club.

My friend called me after I got back to the hotel. She asked me why I didn’t go to the strip club and I told her that it wasn’t my thing. She asked if we could hang out and catch up. I said “sure” and she came to my room only wearing a robe. It was obvious there was nothing on under it. We watched a movie and she fell asleep. At some point in the night she left.

The next morning at the wedding I was sitting next to a mutual friend. This friend was encouraging me to object and looked disappointed when I didn’t do it.

They lasted five years, but lived together less than two.”

10. Happy couple!

“The groom showed up d**nk after golfing with buddies all day.

The bride in her vows said “For Richer”… left out the “poorer”.”

11. No way!

“I was at a wedding when a phone went off during the ceremony.

In the middle of exchanging vows.

It was the groom’s.

He took the call.

They are divorced now.”

12. Wild.

“I worked at a museum that also doubled as a wedding venue in the summers. As part of the wedding package, the museum would stay open after hours for the guests only so I’d just sit there and greet people basically.

One wedding got particularly rowdy. Almost everyone was d**nk, people were jumping into the fountain, someone vomited in said fountain. At one point, the bride is crying. Turns out the groom and one of his groomsmen were sc**wing upstairs in one of the bathrooms.

A fight ensued between the groom and the father of the bride and cops were called because it really got ugly. Entertaining for me but I felt so bad for the bride.”

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