If you don’t know how to spell something or pronounce something, you probably shouldn’t be posting that word or phrase online for the whole world to see…

Because you’re gonna end up looking like a big dummy!

And nobody wants that, right?

Check out these posts and try to figure out what these folks were TRYING to say…

1.  How is this mistake even possible?

It really doesn’t make sense to me…

2. Racers…prepare to starch your engines!

You’ve heard that before, right?

3. I have way too many aarons to do today.

These days are always such a bummer!

4. You really gotta be careful about those things.

I hope you’re gonna be okay…

5. What’s your favorite kind of chicken?

Perhaps this is the one you like the best?

6. I think I got sick just by looking at this thing.

Don’t look directly at it!

7. What is happening to the people in our world?

I think we’re getting dumber by the minute…

8. You’re never even going to know their names.

What could have been…

9. This sounds really HOT.

Oh, wait a second…never mind.

10. That would be a cool name for a horror movie.

Revenge of the Foot Fetuses? Or something like that.

11. I think I’ve seen you around town…

Help me refresh my memory.

12. One of our most popular desserts is our homemade She’s Cake.

It really rolls right off the tongue!

Have you ever seen something like this?

If so, please tell us about it in the comments.

Thanks a lot! We’d love to hear from you!