I’m gonna tell you a very important lesson that I’ve learned in this life… are you ready for it?

You have to keep your wits about you and you have to know who you’re talking to or else you might get put in your place and get embarrassed in a major way.

And nobody wants that, right? You know that’s the truth! And the people you’re about to meet in these posts all learned that lesson THE HARD WAY.

Let’s take a look.

1. Hello, miss…

That one backfired.

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2. Isn’t that annoying.

Those job ads can be ridiculous.

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3. He literally wrote the book on it.

What an idiot!

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4. Let’s hope he wins.

That’s a funny coincidence.

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5. Well, actually…

Now that person has egg on their face.

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6. Yeah, that makes sense…

You don’t think people who are on TV age?

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7. Here we go again…

Open your eyes!

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8. You look like Tom Morello!

Well, it checks out.

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9. You’ve been reported!

To yourself…

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10. That’s kind of embarrassing.

What are the chances?

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11. Well, I actually AM a nurse.

So use that information wisely…

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12. This had to be pretty satisfying.

I hope it happens to me one day…in what subject, I’m not sure yet…

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Has something like this ever happened to you?

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