When I was a teenager, we used to all do this neat trick where we’d push down on the button of a lighter (without sparking it), and let the flow of butane gas fill up our mouths for a while before then sparking the lighter outside our mouths and blowing a big fire ball.

Now. I want to be as clear as I’ve ever been about anything: do not do this. It barely works, for one thing, and you’ve got a disgusting butane taste in your mouth for the rest of the day, which is probably all kinds of harmful, and not to mention, oh yeah, it’s *STUPID DANGEROUS AND YOU COULD BURN YOUR FACE OFF.*

When I look back at that sort of thing, and there are many other examples of it, I kind of wonder how I’m still alive. Which is probably what the people in these photos from Reddit wonder as well.

12. Very clear signs

How many screw ups had to occur before the second one went up just the emphasize the point.

11. Safety walk

Can’t tell if horrible safety precaution or he’s trying to escape.

10. No butts about it

Never a dull moment at the old explosion factory.

9. Puddle line

I may not be an electrician, but I’m pretty sure this is bad.

8. Well-read

Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask.

7. Warning

Just, be warned. In general. Because what if this happened?

6. Fire door

The carts had had enough of being pushed around by the humans. They got into formation and prepared their revenge.

5. A truck truck truck truck

I think maybe we’ve got too many vehicles at this point.

4. The photoshoot

Safety harnesses sold separately.

3. Important attachments

Look I’m not here to kinkshame but…

2. Ladder day saints

Bruh how are you even doing that?

1. Water you doing?

Well, I guess technically that’s one way to ground.

I feel like I might be dead from just looking at those pictures?

What’s a dangerous stupid thing you’ve done that nobody ever should?

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