Baby Boomers are leaving us at pretty fast rates these days.

The men and women of that generation have shaped our country and our world in many ways and their impact is undeniable.

So what will go away with them when all the Baby Boomers are gone?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Leave it alone!

“Painting over beautiful antique furniture.

I don’t care if they paint over a modern piece but leave the ones with beautiful woodgrain alone.”

2. Darren!

“1960’s sitcoms. I used to laugh my a** off at I Dream of Jeanie growing up, but watching it now?

Dude, Darin’s kind of douchey. Like, a lot.”

3. A relic.


My dad still uses his AOL email.”

4. Don’t touch it.

“Giant china cabinets with whole extra sets of plates that are used once or twice in a lifetime.”

5. This is great stuff!


Lol. Last nights show featured two women advertising a shower gel… by washing their hands for twenty minutes straight.

Talking about how good the soap felt in their hands.”

6. Not good.

“Affordable housing.

Also, grocery bills and tuition were so much more affordable in their prime.”

7. They really had it rough.

“Walking to and from school, miles in the snow.

Uphill both ways.”

8. Going away.

“Workplace loyalty

I say this as a positive, because we don’t owe our employers s**t.”

9. Sad.


The only time I will ever read a newspaper is on an airplane. Occasionally I catch a glimpse of my local paper and think, “maybe I should subscribe…””

10. Probably.

“Suits in the workplace.

Most workstations have already abolished suits and those that still mandate suits will abolish them once the baby boomers are gone.”

11. Pretty rare.


My husband has his own business from home and prefers a landline over cell service.

He reserves his cell for family and friends.”

12. Won’t hear that anymore.

“Boomers grew up at the height of America’s golden age and complain about how tough they had it.

It’s the most eye-rolling s**t imaginable.”

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