The thing about food allergies is that sometimes people don’t realize they have them.

Recently a Tumblr thread went viral with users talking about their physiological responses to certain foods and mostly making light of the allergies.

It started when user @circusbutch posted about their love of orange juice, and the nostalgia it evokes.

@circusbutch: oragne juice is the superior beverage because it makes your tongue feel like you ate a bunch of ants which reminds me of my childhood when I would put ants in my mouth and eat them except this time it tastes good too. @spacefroggity: hey OP, I think you're probably allergic to citrus?

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Good on @spacefroggity for not simply scrolling on by.

I have family members whose tongues itch when they eat certain fruits, otherwise I would not have known this was a thing.

Another user responded with either a mistyped question or statement about the OJ inducing itchy tongue.

Then another poster reposted an old conversation with @kramergate describing their their own potato allergy–and how, like many of us, it doesn’t stop them from enjoying potatoes!

@luckylesbiano: is. this not what oj is supposed to make your tongue feel like. @kramergate: every time I tell someone about my potato allergy they go 'oh that sucks i can't imagine not eating fries or mashed potatoes!' and i'm like oh rest assured neither god nor the devil himself could stop me from trebucheting hot spoonfuls of starchy face-swelling throat-itching good sh** into my dumb as he** gaping potato receptacle.

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Potato sweats. That sounds pretty horrifying if I’m being honest.

@noxtheox: kramer, I'm still not over the fact that you thought the potato sweats were A Thing. @kramergate: I simply assumed we were all willing to suffer for our passions.

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I mean, I like fries as much as the next person (or maybe not), but usually when I have an adverse reaction to food I’m less inclined to eat in the future.

Like ice cream. And wheat.

And mushrooms. (shudder)

Other users went on to describe additional bad reactions to different kinds of fruit.

@darkersolstice talked about kiwis which, fun fact, I learned were in the melon family when I gave one to my then-boyfriend and his tongue swelled up.

@darkersolstice: Did you know that if your mouth itches when you eat kiwis, it is not from hairs left over on the fruit after you peel it? I didn't until I was about 26 or so! @solarpunkarchivist: Confusingly, pineapple is supposed to feel like that, the d**n thing is attempting to digest you right back.

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I had to go verify that claim, because depending on how fresh it is, I absolutely have that burning sensation with pineapple.

And @solarpunkarchivist is right! According to Spoon University:

Pineapple is the only food known to contain bromelain, an enzyme that digests protein. The truth is, pineapple hurts to eat because bromelain is digesting the tender skin inside of your mouth.
The pineapple is eating you.


Another user chimed in about peanut allergies and @demonsgold had enough.

@justketerthings: Numb lips are not part of the intended experience of peanut butter, apparently. @demonsgold: yALL.

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But the very best comment came at the end of the thread.

@calamity-ashley: Are we just gonna ignore the part where OP says they ate ants?

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I’m with you @calamity-ashley. That’s what I focused on too.

Do you have any foods that you didn’t always know you were allergic to? Tell us in the comments.