Do you remember the good old days when could order a meal at a restaurant and you’d get your food on a plate…and only a plate?

Things are getting weird out there, people!

Because all kinds of eating establishments are getting a little bit too creative with their food presentation these days…and it’s starting to creep people out.

Here are 12 examples of what’s going on out there.

1. This is so gross…

I’d like to talk to the person responsible for this…

Served in a plaster cast of the chef’s mouth from WeWantPlates

2. Who wants a Caesar salad!

On a shovel, that is…oh, did I not mention that part?

Caesar salad on a (fake) shovel. Greenhouse Cafe, New York State. About one minute before I hit the end and the fork flew across the room. from WeWantPlates

3. That steak just hatched this morning.

The circle of life is truly amazing.

Friend went to some fancy place in Barcelona. from WeWantPlates

4. Now, this is not the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

Why not have a little bit of fun once in a while?!?!

Dinosaur Plate – I Dino if I’m mad about it from WeWantPlates

5. I’m digging the squid part, NOT into the shoe part.

Oh, France, what are you up to now?

Fried squids in a freaking shoe, Paris, France. from WeWantPlates

6. Just go ahead and put that anywhere.

Looks kinda gross, don’t you think?

Shrimp served on table cloth😖 from WeWantPlates

7. Go ahead and get the wagon out of the kitchen.

I think we can all agree that this is just plain STRANGE.

I just wanted elote… from WeWantPlates

8. But…how do you get your hands on the actual food…?

This is gonna drive people nuts!

Croquettes in a huge cage from WeWantPlates

9. I wonder if you get to keep the bag…

If so, I might consider ordering this bread.

Sliced bread in a leather bag. from WeWantPlates

10. Really sets the mood.

Anyone in the mood for romance?

Whole corn with garnish served on candlestick from WeWantPlates

11. Can’t say I’ve seen this one before.

Seems like a lot of waste, don’t you think…?

Greek fried dough balls served in a shelf from WeWantPlates

12. A dog is loose in the restaurant!

Food looks decent, though!

They brought me Fido’s dinner instead. from WeWantPlates

Now we want to hear from you.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in public?

Tell us your stories in the comments!