We all have questions about people of the opposite gender that we’re too shy to ask or that just haven’t been answered directly.

Well, that ends today, people!

Or, at least it does for the women out there.

Because they shared questions on AskReddit that they really want to know about men.

Take a look and maybe you can help them out!

1. Come on, guys!

“How often do you guys accidentally sit on your balls?

I can’t help but think it’d be happening to me all the time if I had them.”

2. Let’s get some answers.

“How do you pee if you have a b**er?

Or is that not an option?

Is it painful?”

3. Do you like me?

“How do I know you actually like me if you’re a shy person ?

Because they’re always friendly people and I don’t know if you’re shy and fancy me or just shy and nice all the time like this.

How do I tell!!”

4. Annoying or offensive?

“Do you find the narrative of men not being able to control themselves when it comes to s** annoying and/or offensive?”

5. What to buy?

“I often want to get my hubby a “small appreciation something” that would be the equivalent to flowers, chocolate, etc for us….

What is a similar-intended gift that would make you smile?”

6. Guys?

“When using a urinal – do you want a small divider panel or is it pointless?

Men I’ve polled give mixed responses.”

7. Just admit it.

“Do you really sometimes, perhaps idly, think about having s** with your female friends and coworkers?”

8. Hmmm…

“Do you ever worry about what your friends think of your girlfriend’s or wife’s looks?

Do you ever worry that your friends won’t think she’s attractive or would think less of you because you’re dating her, for instance?”

9. Stamina.

“Why is it that sometimes you can go for one round, but then other times you can go four rounds back to back?”

10. Self-care.

“What do you guys do for self-care?

Like if you just need some time to yourself, or if you treat yourself to something special?”

11. Guy code.

“I just want to understand what that secret, unspoken language you all have with each other is.

It sometimes seems to me that just a single look or a nod at a guy you’ve never said a word to, is years of conversations.”

12. Aren’t you cold?

“How are you never cold?

My guy friends/male relatives are always lounging around with their shirts off.

I’d be freezing my a** off if I did that.”

Do you have any questions about men that you want answered?

If so, talk to us in the comments.

Thanks a bunch!