Everyone has a different sense of humor.

Some people have no sense of humor at all.

The British are known for being very dry, and according to Wikipedia, Canadians are known for irony, parody, and satire.

That may be why a pair of Canadians recently went viral for the parody memes that they’re plastering all over British Columbia.

Advertising their deeds on their Instagram account @physicalmemes, the duo place actual posters around town to look like real flyers.

Except they are anything but real.

And lest you think this is silliness born out of pandemic boredom, they’ve been posting since at least a year before lock-down.

So, without further ado, a collection of some of the most random “memes” you’ll ever see:

1. Apparently a couple of Johns have it in for all the Seans

I’m pretty sure they’re both derived from the Hebrew, Yohanan, so John can just settle down.

2. I mean, it seems like dentists work great hours

And they make good money. So. What’s not to love?

3. Oh Chad. What can one say about Chad?

Everyone knows a Chad.

4. Preposterous plank prank

I like alliteration, okay?

5. Lots of thinly veiled euphemisms

Not complaining though. Celery itself is a joke.

6. Bedtime stories?

Or bedtime nightmares?

7. Look, I’m personally a fan of hats

I think we should bring back hats and there should be one for every occasion.

8. Honestly, I feel the same way about my towel

Also my pillow.

9. Listen, pica is no laughing matter

I mean it, stop laughing.

10. This may be Canada, but it certainly represents the American spirit

Sue first, ask questions later!

11. He’s just really proud of himself, okay?

He just wants to help you be proud of yourself, too.

12. Feels legit

Watch out for “Big Mattress.
They’ll come for your family next.

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13. I just…

Don’t really know what to say.

Some of those were quite possibly the dumbest things I’ve ever seen, but if they make even one person laugh, then I’d say they’re worth it.

What about you? Pass or fail?

Tell us in the comments.