Customer service jobs are the absolute hardest.

I’d like to think people would treat each other much better if we all had to work in customer service for a year.

But human nature suggests that some people would use that as justification for their expectations, no matter how high.

Still it’s good to remember that it’s often a thankless job.

And that we could all stand to be a little kinder to the service workers helping us out each day.

Here are 13 examples of difficult customers.

1. It’s not always “Kids these days”

Sometimes it’s the people furthest removed from their service days who behave like children.

2. Darned if you do, darned if you don’t

Nice setup, bro.

3. Rudeness is never necessary

And maybe people need help identifying their blind spots.

4. Folks in retail are still human

They’re not doing the job because they love to make you miserable.

5. They put up with a lot of different people all day

That much people-ing is exhausting even when everyone is on best behavior.

6. They hear the same dumb jokes over and over

And their livelihood might depend on their response.

7. The same jokes over and over and over again

But they paste on a smile like you’re the first one.

8. You can demand to see a manager

But what do you have to gain?

9. And then there are the ones who are just messy

Like, were you raised in a barn?

10. But the customer is always right. Right?


11. Most retail workers would disagree

They only think they’re right.

12. Apologize, apologize, apologize…

For the wait that you can’t control, for the price that you didn’t set.
For the problem that you didn’t create.

13. They’re all just doing their best

But I mean, call them out on it.

It’s REALLY hard to work in customer service. Maybe keep these in mind the next time you feel yourself losing patience.

What do you think? Should everyone have to work in retail at least once? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.