Alright, ladies and gents, are you ready to get your laugh on?

I mean, are you REALLY ready to have a good time and let your worries just melt away for a little while?

Well, you’re in the right place. Because we have a lineup of funny tweets that we just know are gonna make you laugh your faces off!

Let’s take a look and enjoy the hilarity together!

1. I’ve really been getting into raccoon tweets lately.

Hey, it’s part of my lifestyle now.

2. This is amazing.

And it pretty much sums up all dad behavior out there.

3. Good luck with that.

Keep your fingers crossed. This could be the one!

4. Wow. Let this one sink in.

Anybody have any thoughts on this?

5. It’s a pretty tense situation to watch unfold.

Will they go for it? Or not?!?!

6. This is pretty terrible.

But we’re glad you shared it with the world. Thank you!

7. That’s usually the missing piece.

I know how we can make this work!

8. Like you didn’t plan this?

We all know the truth!

9. Well, there’s that part.

But besides that, it’s really great.


10. That’s how you can tell.

Just for the future, FYI.


11. I’m gonna start using this.

I really love this idea!

12. We need to have a talk.

It’s about your oral hygiene.


13. It is frustrating, isn’t it?

You gotta do it, though!

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