We hope you’re in the mood to laugh today because you’re about to lay your eyes on 13 tweets that are totally hysterical.

And, better yet, these hysterical tweets are all about being married…so you know the folks who wrote them have some serious ammunition they want to unload!

So let’s see what these married folks had to say…

1. I have a feeling he won’t be saying that again.

What was he thinking…?

2. Now you’re in some deep s**t.

You might want to consider leaving town for a few weeks.

3. Keep that one to yourself.

Trust us on this one, okay?

4. I sincerely hope that he’s taking notes.

Is the quiz at least going to be multiple choice? I hope so…

5. This sounds like it’s going really well!

You two are in it for the long haul!

6. How can you get over something like that?

You might need to hire a divorce attorney after this…

7. You better come up with something quick.

Think of something! Anything!

8. Please shut up.

Who said the spark is gone?!?!


9. This is a serious development.

It’s like you’re with a whole new person!

10. Are you still working on your vertical?

It might be time to give up on that dream…

11. Something no man ever wants to hear.


12. This is serious stuff.

We wish you luck…

13. That is so HOT.

Gonna be a SIZZLING night tonight!

Have you seen any funny tweets lately?

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Thanks a lot!