What you don’t know could fill a book…

Has anyone ever said that to you before?

Yeah, it’s not a compliment…but I guess for some of us, it’s the truth!

What do you genuinely NOT understand?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Speakers.


Like, sure we know that speakers vibrate to make sounds, but how do they vibrate so precisely as to create multiple simultaneous sounds together with just one speaker?

How do bass notes not interfere with treble or vice-versa?”

2. Black magic.


I’ve read the theory and explanation, even simplified ones and I just still don’t understand. I’ve done some calculations in uni for it and I had to mentally separate that it was electrical theory to understand the equations.

Definitely black magic.”

3. For real!

“Why dental insurance is separate from health insurance.

The mouth is part of the body, you f**king money-grabbing leeches.”

4. It’s a mystery.

“Vinyl records.

I know there are grooves but how does a needle going over those tiny grooves make such a specific sound, like the vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards, or any other instrument?

And how did people invent this so long ago?

I’ve seen closeups of a needle in a groove but it still doesn’t make sense to me how a few ridges can produce these sounds exactly. And how do they even put those specific grooves in there, especially over a century ago.”

5. Can’t figure it out.

“Music theory.

I’ve been playing guitar for 10+ years.”

6. Confused.

“The economy, as in I understand everything hypothetically, but have no clue how Im going to implement my “knowledge.” Yeah I know how a mortgage works, and I know how taxes work, but what do I do?

Just go to the bank and say “1 mortgage please!” I just feel like Im missing something about the “real world” and since I’m 17, Im only a couple years off it.”

7. Not working for ya.


When someone tries to explain me directions I have the Homer Simpson syndrome (little monkey playing cymbals in my head).”

8. Politics as usual.

“People’s undying loyalty to their political party.

Two party system encourages “sides” that don’t fully represent anyone’s ideals.”

9. Don’t ask me.

“How planes fly.

I can see birds flapping their wings and putting air under their wings, but how do 20 ton planes get off the ground?”

10. Bananas.

“The universe.

Either it always existed, which is a thermodynamic nightmare which makes no sense because how can a chain of events not have a start, or it did have a start, which is preposterous because time (spacetime) is a PRODUCT of expansion; there literally was no “before” the big bang because there was no time to have a point in to call “before”.

Ontologically, ONE of these statements has to be at least nominally true, but BOTH are fu**ing bananas.”

11. Puzzling.


How does editing yourself beyond recognition make sense? Are people just trying to show what they wished they looked like?

Isn’t it uncomfortable to be seen in “real life” looking nothing like the pictures you’ve posted? Genuinely can’t figure it out…”

12. My brain hurts.

“Quantum magic square game

It’s a working mathematical theory where it allows communication without communicating.

Many of the concepts in quantum physics make me feel like my brain is underdeveloped.”

13. You see it all the time…

“When native English speakers can’t:


Editing so ya’ll can stop commenting the same ones:

apart/a part

What do you not understand?

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