Have you ever made a big purchase that you look back on now and all you can do is shake your head?

I think we all have!

But, hey, don’t be too tough on yourself, okay?

Because your purchases might not be as bad as the ones these AskReddit users made.

Take a look at what they had to say about this.

1. Not into it.

“Law school.

I was a lawyer for 14 years. Ha**d most of it.

Wrecked my health overworking. Still owe on my student loan too.”

2. Didn’t help.

“Cosmetologist. Procedures and creams, was not helping with my acne.

The b**ch charged me so much and my acne got worse than before I came to her.

Went to a dermatologist, got relatively cheap prescription medicine, worked wonders.”

3. Wasn’t into it.

“My wedding.

I’m not a very social person so basically it was a $20k silent panic attack surrounded by 120 people, half of whom I don’t even know.

If I could go back in time with this knowledge, I’d do a $20k elopement and travel together for a few months or something.”

4. What’s the point?

“Clothes for special occasions.

Why do we do this?!

I just spent money on a new outfit to wear to my daughter’s orchestra concert. She’s in 5th grade.”

5. Ouch.

“Christmas presents for my high school girlfriend only to find out she had been banging multiple dudes while we were together.

F**k you, Emily.”

6. A big one.

“Going out for dinner so much.

I get into modes where I eat out almost all the time, then realize I’ve spent $1,000 or more in less than a week on dining out.”

7. Regrets…

“My wife’s engagement ring. I spent a pretty penny on it despite her begging me to go cheap our entire relationship.

I know she loves it anyway but the money could have been better spent towards our wedding or our house.”

8. Down the drain.

“My new TV.

Nothing wrong with it, it just turns out my old one wasn’t broken after all.”

9. Overdid it.

“Collecting merch items.

You’d think you’ll never lose interest in something then boom, from one week to another you just don’t care anymore and have hundreds down the drain on items you don’t even like and just bought for the sake of your collection.

Often the value even goes down or you get scammed buying “rare” items off someone.”

10. Just say no.

“Drugs. I’m 40 and battled addiction my whole life. Doing the best I’ve ever done now almost 5 years no needles with only a couple of bumps in my road to recovery.

If I’ve had back half the money spent directly on drugs or indirectly like binding out of jail, lawyer fees, fines, restitution, not to mention the stupid purchases while intoxicated I’d be really well off.

But the best lessons are the bought ones and my life now is great compared to my old life. And if anyone is battling addiction or other mental issues keep fighting and don’t let a mishap define you.”

11. Career change.


Ended up going to trade school anyhow to get a job.”

12. Oops.

“Online dating. Paid for a premium subscription but barely used it.

Then I forgot to cancel it and had to pay for another year. Learned my lesson there.”

13. Who are these people?


Was making great money in my early 20’s and thought it a great idea to treat my friends. Tons of money. Now I can’t even remember their names.

The ones I do remember I haven’t spoken to in decades. Wish I had saved that money.”

Do you have any regrets like this?

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