Well, this is a tough question for just about anyone to answer

Because our lives change all the time and the goals you have when you’re twenty will probably be a lot different from the ones you have when you’re in your forties.

But either way, it’s fun to hear from people about what their main goals are in life.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this!

1. That’s a good goal.

“For both my young children to be independently functioning, stable, and resilient adults.”

2. Blissed out.

“Trying to live every day as blissed out as possible!

All our actions, food decisions, when to wake up on weekends, sports, hobbies, holidays etc, are there to make us happy. We give the responseability about our happines in actions or sometimes to someone else.

If you manage to be happy by yourself, blissed out or whatever you call it, simply by sitting still, you give yourself such a huge step and boost that your day vanishes like crazy.”

3. Make the most of it.

“To have as many years as I can possibly have with my husband.

We just hit 7 years and he just turned 40. He’s got an illness that is slowly k**ling him and we know we won’t have much time together.

There is no cure.”

4. Big money.

“Accumulate as much wealth as possible as to never feel I could come back to working ever again.

Spending my life with my soul mate and try our best to make it together to 80 at least, in terms of health.”

5. Fun!

“After traveling the world, working all kinds of jobs, I want to open a bar, play vinyl music in there, serve beers and drinks, spread happiness and just talk to people and TAKE IT EASY!

This life just became way to hectic for me man, all this talking and lying. Enough is enough.”

6. Three things.

“Only ever wanted 3 things in life since I was 12.

A home of my own, to love and be loved, and to have a child of my own.”

7. Make it worth it.

“Make as much money as I can while working as little as possible.

Hopefully meet someone special to fall in love with that makes all the drudgery and tedium of life feel finally worth it.”

8. Comfortable.

“To live alone comfortably without worry of finances and without having toxic family ruin my mental health.”

9. A hard situation.

“To be able to take care of my wife (Alzheimer’s) and give her the best life possible.

It’s early stage but getting worse.”

10. The good life.

“I want to live in a comfortable place with enough room to host a D&D game, get married, and not have to worry about paying the bills.”

11. See the world.

“Travel around the world.

I’m making my first international trip this summer to either Japan or Amsterdam.”

12. Crushin’ it.

“I’m 40. I’ve crushed so many goals. Fell short on others.

Now all my focus is on being a good husband, being a good father, being healthy, and retiring at 55.”

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