Do you ever have EFO?

That’s what I call “Embarrassment For Others”.

And I get it ALL THE TIME.

Maybe it’s watching people dance or seeing someone try to hit on another person at a bar.

The possibilities are endless!

So what makes you cringe?

Folks shared their thoughts on AskReddit.

1. We all cringe at this.

“Listening my recorded voice.

Do I really sound like that?”

2. Yes.

“Sh**ting on people for trying to better themselves.

It’s a huge red flag if you’re hesitant to share good news with your friends/community.

Be excited when your people are doing things that excite them. Celebrate people finding their health.”

3. Weird.

“People who’s entire personality is based on a single thing, regardless of what it is – their political beliefs, a video game/genre, a specific sport/team, their job, a musician they like, etc.”

4. Funny how that works.

“People whose lives are an absolute self-induced disaster and post selfies with motivational quotes telling other people how to think and live.”

5. Creepy.

“Those Tik Toks of women doing voiceovers of small children while trying to dress as s**y as possible to gain attention.”

6. Pretty common these days.

“People who spend more time filming/taking pictures at gigs/sports events than actually living in the moment and enjoying it.”

7. Take it elsewhere.

“Couples that speak to each other as babies in public.

“Aww wook at that sweetie boo boo” kind of c**p.

I just cant stand it.”

8. LOL.

“People who list their education on dating/social platforms as “School of Life”.

I still laugh at an old colleague whose education history on Facebook was Degree in Hard Knocks from University of Life.

I’ve never been more embarrassed for another person.”

9. Really?

“Public displays of kinks.

I really don’t care what you do in the bedroom but please don’t make me witness it when I’m at the supermarket.”

10. Right?!?!

“People watching videos at the coffee shop without headphones.

Earbuds are like $10, show some basic courtesy.”

11. That’s different.

“Adults whose entire lives revolve around Disney.

Jim Gaffigan has a great bit about Disney obsessed adults.

“Even the comic-con people think they’re crazy!””

12. So lame.

“Family bloggers doing “prank” channels even though the prank couldn’t be more obvious.

The camera is literally in their face.”

13. Please stop.

“TikTok dances on the street/public places.

I struggle to understand this one sometimes, prime second hand embarrassment.”

What makes you cringe in a major way?

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