I’ve been single for quite a while now and I’m A-Okay with it!

For now…

But I’m also open to meeting someone if we ended up being a good fit, so I guess you never know, right?

Why are you single?

Here’s what people had to say on AskReddit.

1. Not feeling it.

“I put absolutely no effort into meeting someone.

And I absolutely don’t know how I would find someone to date.”

2. The way it is.

“Everyone I ever wanted to date was already married. The rest, I don’t really want.

What I want I can’t have, what wants me I don’t want.

Unfortunately that tends to apply to more than dating…”

3. Hermit.

“I describe myself as a shut-in, lol.

I leave my apartment to work, I leave my apartment to buy food, and occasionally I’ll bring out the trash.

Otherwise I just watch Hulu, play online chess, surf Reddit.”

4. Stay away.

“I have too many unsolved issues.

I can’t in good consience bring someone else into them.”

5. Very dry…

“I hardly go out and expose myself to people.

I’m uncomfortable with the notion of myself being in a relationship at this point.

Also, I’m very dry in terms of personality.”

6. Still getting over it.

“Last relationship was so toxic, I’ve sworn off dating, at least for a while.

I haven’t had this much free time in ages. It’s nice.”

7. Not much free time.

“I’m 35yr old single father to a 5yr old and I work nights. It’s hard to find free time to meet someone, especially in my area.

If I do have free time to myself, I like staying home and ordering a pizza while drinking some beers and playing video games.

I pretty much faced the fact that I will probably be alone for the rest of my life.”

8. All good reasons.

“Online dating sucks (I use it, it just sucks)

Going out to meet random strangers in public at places like the grocery store or whatever seems awkward

I don’t really want to meet people at the bar/club because I don’t really like the bar/club

I am uneasy about dating people I work with because I worry about having to continue to work with them after we break up. Also, there are very few people I work with I would possibly want to date anyway.”

9. I’m fine.

“Not really looking. Sometimes it’s really cool being single honestly.

You can just worry about yourself and your goals getting accomplished.”

10. Freedom!

“I love the freedom to do what I want to do, without having to schedule around another person.

Also way less drama/fighting, since there isn’t anyone to deal with except yourself.”

11. A big loss.

“My husband of 22 years d**d in December suddenly.

I had my great love. I’m assuming I’ll be single for the rest.”

12. Keep working on it.

“Depressed, overweight.

But I’m working on myself and trying to get into better shape.”

13. Don’t want to mingle.

“My divorce became final yesterday!!!

I waited a year and a half bc he kept asking for extensions. He was an addict on a full year bender in 2021… so now he gets to pay half of my lawyer fees ?

And I am now happily single, not wanting to mingle, ready to spend some energy on myself and my kids for as long as I need.

Lucky indeed.”

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