Well, this promises to be an interesting conversation!

Today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about what they think was meant to be for one gender but ended up being much more useful to the other gender.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Back in the day.

“Crop tops were initially made for men,.

That’s why you see a lot of ’70s rock artists sporting them.”

2. Boost it up.

“I’m currently taking Clomiphene to boost my testosterone levels.

It’s typically prescribed to women for infertility and isn’t even FDA approved for men (still widely prescribed however).”

3. Nice and clean.

“Men’s razors are generally cheaper, sharper, have more blades. It’s a no brainer.

Because you know, us delicate flowers only have fine hair so why would we need an effective tool…”

4. Fluffy.

“I usually buy men’s sweatshirts that have the “fluffy” inside.

Women’s fluffy sweatshirts have the fluff on the hood but never on the inside, the material is so thin, and they are usually more expensive or the same price.”

5. Your hair looks great!

“I get way more compliments on my hair when I use generic or lady shampoo / conditioner.

Most men’s are 2-1s or 3-1s that are most equivalent to dish soap.”

6. Footwear.

“Men’s casual footwear for women with large feet.

I used to buy men’s sneakers when I first started running, back then the women’s were too narrow.”

7. A pick-me-up.

“I’m a guy and I use Midol (marketed for menstrual pain) as a go to ingredient in my hangover relief cocktail.”

8. History lesson!

“High heels were invented for men, specifically cavalry, as it helped stay in stirrups more easily.”

9. Smell like a lady.

“Women’s deodorant smells way better than men’s.

I don’t like the teenage sports boys locker room scents or old man cigar strong flavor stuff.”

10. Yes.

“Men’s clothes.

They have actual substance to them and aren’t made to look “cute” at the expense of comfort.

Example, women’s flannel is basically paper. Men’s flannel is warm and cozy.”

11. That’ll work!

“Olay Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin (formerly Oil of Olay):

It’s fragrance-free, non-oily, and soaks right in, lasts all day.

The sales lady behind the perfume counter said “it’s intended for women with sensitive/tender skin.”

But, as a male, Olay’s formula works better than any other skin moisturizer I’ve found – and it’s odorless!”

12. Who knew?

“The Ford Mustang was meant to be a ladies sports car.

The original commercial shows a woman with the top down driving through the mountains.”

13. Glad that worked out.

“Men’s tank tops fit my chesticles 100 times better than women’s tank tops.

100,000 times better, even. And they are longer.”

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