You wanna hear me spit some TRUTH?

Well, even if you don’t, I’m gonna lay it on you.

Getting older sucks!

But you gotta embrace it because you got no other choice.

Take a look at these responses from AskReddit and we’ll see you in the comments.

1. Mixed feelings.

“When the checkout girl at the local drug store gave me a discount and I asked why the discount and she said senior’s discount.

I was maybe 57 at the time. I didn’t know whether to be outraged or happy about getting a few bucks off.”

2. Stuck in the middle.

“40 is a weird age.

Everyone older says you’re so young.

Everyone younger thinks you’re soooo old.”

3. Who are these kids?

“When I watched professional sports and all the players looked like CHILDREN!

Baseball, football, tennis, etc.”

4. Time flies.

“When they tear down a building that you remember getting built.

My elementary school got torn down and turned into condos. That was weird.”

5. A big one.

“Haven’t gone to a wedding in a very long time.

Have gone to a few funerals, though…”

6. That is weird.

“When you’ve seen multiple decades of fashion trends come back into play with the “young crowd”.”

7. Don’t waste my time.

“You are more aware of others wasting their time.

And of them wasting YOUR time.”

8. Absolutely!

“I used to sneak out of home to go to parties.

Now I sneak out of parties to go home.”

9. Breaking it down.

“40s, had to stop eating like I was 20, visits to my family physician became much more frequent.

50s, takes mush longer to get out of bed. Back and joints ache continually.

As I approach my 60s, my friend and family pool is getting smaller as they start to pass on. Spend more time reminiscing about the past then looking to the future.”

10. Might as well stay up.

“When you stop going back to bed after getting up at night to pee, and just put the coffee on.”

11. Becoming wise.

“You start getting wisdom moments.

Understanding why things happened and had to.

Being more compassionate towards mistakes of others because you’re sh**ty yourself and you know it.”

12. Uh oh…

“I heard Metallica playing in the grocery store.

Initially, I was jamming before reality slapped me with a wake up call….I am getting older quicker than I realize.”

13. Kids today…

“I genuinely have no idea what slang teenagers use these days.

I have absolutely zero context or exposure to any cultural influences teenagers even have.”

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