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Even though high school has been in their rearview mirror for years, these folks just can’t seem to get over the glory years of high school…

Because that’s when they PEAKED in life.

So what are some signs of this?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Lame.

“Losers who live vicariously through their kids.

Be proud of your kids and their accomplishments, that is a good thing. But folks like this are more common than I ever would have expected, and I didn’t discover this until I was in my 30s.”

2. Let’s move on…

“In my experience, it’s the people that talk about things that happened in HS as if it were yesterday. Constantly.

I had an ex who would always tell me crazy stories. I’d ask ,”When did this happen?” She would say “Sophomore year” and we were mid-20’s.

Over time, it became clear that HS was the best years of her life and most likely will continue to be as she didn’t have much ambition after HS.

I had 1 good year in HS and reminisce about it every now and then but it is not on the forefront of my mind.”

3. Not today, buddy.

“I played college hockey, haven’t played in ten years, played a men’s league game the other day and a 40 year old tried to drop the gloves with me and all I could do was laugh.”

4. Kind of sad.

“One guy I knew literally got our school emblem and mascot in a huge “CLASS OF 2010″ tattooed on his shoulder.”

5. I’ll skip it.

“They want to organize high school reunions every 5 years.

And say bad things on social media about people who can’t or won’t come.

Sorry, but it was a 6 hour drive and I haven’t spoken to anyone from high school in over 20 years.”

6. Hahaha.

“Under “College/University” in their Facebook profile, it says “School of Hard Knocks.”

Or President/CEO at None Of Your Business Incorporated.”

7. A real bada**.


Clearly NOT self employed, more like BARELY employed.

Profile pic is 5-10 years old, a poor angle, complete with dark sunglasses on.”

8. Oh, no…

“”Hey girl hey! Do you wanna be your own boss babe while working from home?!” And its just a pyramid scheme…”

9. Remember that one time…?

“Trying to keep a d**ng school alive so they can keep going to local high school sports events. Even when the students would be much better off if it dissolved.

And when they still talk about school and exploits 30 years later.”

10. Oh, boy…

“My sister is one of these. Most frustrating are these moments.

Her: “You were never good in math.”

Me: “I have a degree in Robotics, a very math heavy subject.”

Her: “Well, I took a high school math class that earned me college credit, so that is better than what you have.”

Me: “You are comparing one high school class against an entire college degree.”

Her: “I earned college credit.”

Me: “Maybe…at most, three hours. And you would have to find a school that would accept those hours, and you graduated over 20 years ago. What you have is pointless.””

11. We get it…

“Constantly posting “throwbacks” and their senior pictures.

Sharing FG memories consistently, or putting Snapchat memories of high school on their story.”

12. What year was that?

“Talking about your IQ and advanced placement classes when you umm did nothing afterwards.

Like being 48 and talking about honors English. That was a minute ago, friend.”

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