We all have those friends.

The ones who can’t back down from a dare…especially if there is some money involved.

Maybe it’s jumping into a fountain or eating the hottest pepper on the planet or asking out the best looking person at the bar.

Some folks just can’t say no!

AskReddit users went on the record and admitted the dumb things they’ve done for money.

1. Don’t show up.

“Got paid 40K to not show up at work.

It was the financial crisis and there was a hiring freeze right before I was due to start work.

The company I was to work for couldn’t honor the employment contract we signed, but it was all very sudden and my would-be bosses felt bad enough about the situation that they offered me half a year’s salary as a gesture of goodwill.”

2. Nice and easy.

“I was paid $50 to assemble some brand new gym equipment for a friend because her husband had been dragging his feet for months.

I open up the box, pulled it out, and made the easiest $50 of my life because it was pre-assembled. I just took 10 seconds to unfold it and was done.

She was furious with her husband, and still paid me to spite him.”

3. Booyah!

“Hang a TV.

Then make sure that TV worked the following day and then take the TV down the day after.

Made $1,000.”

4. Not lifting a finger.

“I got paid fairly nicely for a couple of months to sit in an office and browse the web for 7 hours and 50 minutes a day and do mail merge for the other 10 minutes.

This was literally my sole duty.”

5. Random stuff.

“I worked as a part time gopher for this wildly rich artist for about a year. Circa 2017.

Did all sorts of random – and I mean f**king random – jobs for the guy. By far my favorite is he once paid me $350 cash to drive to Downtown LA to find him “the perfect piñata”. Aka a “donkey that looks like a unicorn”. Aka “an ugly unicorn”. He was also VERY color specific.

Had to be a specific mix of every color, but no red. I’m expecting an all day hunt. But, if you haven’t been to Downtown Los Angeles, let me tell you: it must be the Piñata Mecca. Massive warehouses back-to-back taking up whole blocks where you can browse any possible variant of piñata.

Buzz Lightyear piñata? Got it. S** doll style piñata? Got it. Giant snow globe piñata? Got it. Donald Trump’s head piñata? Got it. I found the piñata I was looking for within 10 minutes, browsed some more for my own curiosity, then brought the piñata back to this guy’s house. Whole thing took maybe an hour and a half. Got paid in cash.

Then had the pleasure of watching this guy hang the piñata in his living room where he wanted to wack the s**t out of it alone. His reasoning: no clue. But I got paid, baby!”

6. Ouch!

“I once burned a coworker with a spoon dipped in the deep fryer on the neck to cover up a Hickey he got from a waitress. $5.

There was some sort of love triangle involved…”

7. I can do that!

“I was told to retrieve a school chicken sandwich from the cafeteria.

I was paid $10 for my vigorous labor.”

8. That’s convenient.

“I got $45 per hour to be a Janitor for four hours a day for about a year.

Simply because I had the office next to the break-room. Meanwhile, the guy who was lot attendant was getting paid $10 an hour and chilled most of the day in the SAME break-room.

He wasn’t allowed to do it because technically he worked outside, in a lot of 40 employee cars. His job was to pick up litter, direct people, and be friendly.”

9. Please don’t sue us.

“Got $8k and a years unemployment not to sue my former employer.

They got rid of me after 7 years because the VPs nephew had the same qualifications as I did.

I had the best year of my life and I found a job that now pays double.”

10. Medical study.

“Got paid $3,000 to participate in a medical study for a medical research company. Had to stay at their clinic for 5 days so they could monitor my vitals as I took the prescribed study drug.

Awesome gig. It was super chill. They feed you well and 90% of my stay was just downtime. So I got to chill, watch movies, play video games, read, and sleep while the occasional cute nurse came by to check my vitals, give me the study drug, and ask if I had any negative symptoms.”

11. If you say so.

“Someone paid me $50 for every snake I removed from his shed.

I told him they were rat snakes and did more good than harm but he wanted them out. Made $200 in about 30 minutes.

Then he got a rat infestation…..”

12. Big money.

“Rich family paid me 500 dollars (minimum) a night to babysit their 8 year old son.

I was about 18 (certified for child CPR, first aid, and grew up watching my nephews from a young age). I never set a price, just told them to pay me what they thought was fair.

The kid was very polite and basically a young adult. I’m not sure if he took etiquette classes or something but his face LIT UP when we played pretend ninjas for the first time. He slayed three of them in one slash haha.

I was also there for his first skinned knee, and he took it like a champ. Just kept saying “Oh man, it hurts a lot!” But wound up extremely proud of it.

One night they called abruptly to have me come sit, paid me in advance, then left three hundred dollars “for pizza or whatever, you can keep the change, too.” Then took off for three hours. They wanted him in bed an hour after they left but I gave him two and a half to play DK country.

Overall, dumb, but such good money. 10/10 would babysit again.

Male babysitters have it rough, though. It got a lot of wierd looks.”

13. How do you like your eggs?

“$200 to fry 2 eggs.

Middle of service on a Saturday night and a customer wants eggs with his steak. We didn’t hold eggs in the service kitchen, would have to stop what I was doing, hold up service run across the road and get 2 eggs out of the cool room.

I say nonto the customer and he asks me how much to get the eggs. I throw out the number $100 each expecting him to tell me to beat it, he hands me $200 and I cook the eggs.

At the same venue applied an a**hole tax and charged a customer $180 for a bowl of pasta and bread.”

Okay, it’s confession time…

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