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1. Not a joke.

“S**ual a**ault when committed by a woman is often played off as a joke. Not even talking about r**e.

Women can be as handsy as they please at least from what I’ve seen in bars.”

2. Too bad.

“In general just “being good with children.”

Kids love me because I never really grew up much myself, so they get attached easily, but I feel like I have to forcibly ignore them or push them away because people will look down on me in some way.”

3. The bad guy.

“I was b**lied by a women when I was school she always made fun of my looks, I made one single comeback she started bawling and somehow I turned into the bad guy.”

4. Judged.

“I’ve been a stay at home dad for a year now.

I’ve started telling people I’m a freelancer because of the judgement.”

5. Stigmatized.

“Teaching young children.

There’s a huge stigma, male teachers are often considered pe**philes until proven innocent.”

6. Letting it out.

“Expressing to another person how someone’s behavior hurt you.

I saw my sister speak about something that was upsetting her and I think I genuinely felt jealous when I realized I would never feel safe enough to express how I felt to anyone else.

I just feel as a man I’d be seen as weak for doing so.”

7. Opening up.

“Opening up about mental health.

I had some female friends that insisted I could talk to them about this. I said I didn’t really care to be alive some days and they came back with, “don’t say that, you’re scaring me”.

Ok, I’ll keep it to myself I guess?”

8. Just being yourself.

“Being shy.

Yeah this is a strange one, because all the people who think I’m less masculine being shy and judge me for it keep me at arms length.

But the weird result is everyone’s happy because the less people who want that the easier it is for me.”

9. That’s good stuff.

“Manicures, pedicures, massages, indulgent baths.

Those sensory touch things that are so healing to our physical selves.”

10. Dad’s love.

“As a single dad who has custody of his son (5), I have been told, “a child needs a mothers love.”

If I show affection to my son I get weird looks. People always assume I am “giving mom a break”, when in reality she left because she felt she didn’t get to date enough before getting married and having a family.

But yeah, a lot of frowned upon stuff seems to involve me simply being a decent father.”

11. Sucks.

“In my experience when a man is upset, even when having valid reasons for being so, he can also be seen as a threat in addition to being weak.”

12. True.

“Being a domestic v**lence victim.

When my friend was assaulted by his wife, some of our friends were like “He probably started it”

Many people don’t believe women can be vicious and men can be domestic v**lence victims.”

13. Sad.

“My Dad loved children.

It was so difficult once he had Alzheimer’s to make him understand he couldn’t walk up to children and tell them you’re such a pretty little girl.

Would you like to come home and play with my granddaughter and I?”

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