FACT: we live in a ridiculous world filled with ridiculous things that are considered “normal.”

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1. Extra fees.

““Resort fee” and all the other BS fees hotels hit you with.

Wife and I just stayed a night at a resort. It was super fun, then saw the bill with a surprise “amenity fee.”

We paid to use the amenities at your resort! Why is that cost not part of what we already paid for”

2. Total BS.

“Ticketmaster charging a convenience fee to send me a PDF of my tickets or charging me a postage fee to get them in the mail, but at least it’s my choice which one to pay.”

3. Ridiculous.

“Airbnb cleaning demands.

Guest cleaning requests should be minimal and always seen as an optional favor.

Remember, you don’t work for the Airbnb host, you are the one paying them and paying their cleaners.”

4. Feed the kids.

“WHY, and I ask WHY aren’t my tax dollars paying for kids school lunches?

They pay for everything else in the d**n school, just feed those kids.”

5. Ugh.

“”Entry Level” jobs that require experience. By definition, entry level means you don’t have any experience.

It’s just an excuse to pay entry level wages to people with experience. But do tell me how nobody wants to work anymore.”

6. Sad.

“Getting a dog and then leaving it outside all alone all the time. We have a husky in the neighborhood who’s in a wire kennel.

Pretty big I guess by kennel measurements, about 15′ x 10′. He has food, water and a doghouse. Sometimes he has a tarp for shade. Sometimes he has toys.

But he’s so alone. No exercise. No stimulation. He breaks my heart. We call him Lonesome.”

7. Gross.

“People who claim they ‘tell it like it is’ and ‘have no filter’.

They are just using catchphrases to justify insulting and belittling people. I’ve worked with people like this and it’s miraculous how often they develop a filter when their is a manager in the room…

It’s also miraculous how the only victims of their honesty are consistently those who don’t fight back.”

8. Not cool.

“Getting yelled at at work. People at my work think it’s acceptable to scream at other people for not doing things exactly as they expect you to do it.

They scream at the new guys and the young guys, they scream at the afternoon shift for not reading their minds about how to do things their way.

They just flat out a**se whoever they want and nothing is ever done about it. And if you complain, you’re a b**ch and a rat and they’ll threaten you with physical v**lence.

Work is a thing people do to make a living. It doesn’t matter and it definitely doesn’t give you the right to threaten or abuse other people. Nothing gives you the right to threaten or a**se people in any workplace scenario.”

9. Getting crazy.

“Having to pay for multiple streaming services to get the shows I used to be able to see for free or on one platform.”

10. Tricksters.

“Online services that say they’re free but force you to sign up for a subscription that automatically charges you after a month unless you remember to cancel it.”

11. That’s life.

“For the majority, having to grind out a job their whole lives so they can live on their savings for the few years they have left in their old age.”

12. Yikes.

“Closing costs on a home.

I need another 20k for paperwork?

Eat s**t.”

13. Doesn’t seem fair.

“Application fees for rental housing. This was banned in the UK but sadly not in the US.

They try to rip the a** out of the potential tenant with so many fees and then charge even more if the credit history isn’t tip top.

Absolute predators.”

14. Ripped off.

“Service fees to pay rent.

Money orders are $3 and using a card is $15 for my complex, and then there’s a $6 merchant fee.

I have to pay to pay rent.”

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