I bet you and I could probably come up with A TON of answers for this question, right?

Because let’s face it, the world is a bit of a s**t show and it’s been that way for a long time.

So today we’re gonna play a little game of “What If?”

What do you think the world would be better off without?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Scam calls.

“The FCC in America has always turned a blind eye towards scam calls.

It was never good but within the past year or two, there have been relentless scam calls claiming that you need to do something about your car’s extended warranty.

Within the past year, I receive about 5 spam calls a day and almost all of them are about a car warranty. Yet nothing gets done. I’m at the point where I don’t even bother answering the phone unless it’s a recognized number or I’m expecting a call.”

2. A tough road.

“Mental illnesses.

People who disregard and invalidate mental illness.”

3. Disgusting.

“People that beat their kids.

Ever since I had my first kid it’s grown on me more and more how surreal it is that people are able to hit their own kids.

Absolutely disgusts me.”

4. Good point.

“Campaign contributions.

You can’t have a republic when money controls who you can vote for and what they do in office.”

5. A huge problem.

“People who spread fake news.

Particularly those that generate it in the first place.”

6. Manipulative.

“Predatory monetization tactics in video games, such as lootboxes, battle passes, energy systems (like Genshin Impact’s resin), and “time savers” that allow players to “skip the grind” (like in most Ubisoft games).

They have no place in games IMO, they are very manipulative, and I usually have more respect for games that don’t do this, especially indies.”

7. A lot of it out there.

“I’d say ignorance, just on a base level.

Humanity would be centuries into the future with technology and climate change wouldn’t be a risk if ignorance wasn’t a thing.”

8. A problem for some people.

“Social Media,

More people are addicted than not and don’t even realize it. Spending more time seeing what’s going on in everyone’s else’s life than living our own.

The manipulation of the apps..I believe it will have catastrophic consequences eventually.”

9. A hot take.


It might help some people on an individual level, but humanity’s critical thinking skills would skyrocket without it, leading to an exponentially more empathetic, efficient and accountable civilization.”

10. Good luck with that.


I want so badly to get to that Star Trek future where money is obsolete.”

11. All of this.

“Toxic masculinity and toxic femininity.

Nukes and so many weapons.”

12. Needs to be illegal.

“Corporations buying up houses with no intention to turn them into rental properties.

They inflate housing prices like crazy just to bloat their massive investment capital. As a result, the middle class is pushed out of the housing market, leaving companies buying houses for companies like massive, corrupt currency.

Needs to be squarely illegal. I want to be able to afford a home.”

13. The list goes on…

“Factory farming of animals.

The industry causes a ton of deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, ocean acidification, habitat loss, animal cruelty, slaughterhouse worker abuse, and the list goes on.”

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