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What would you steal from someone’s house to only mildly inconvenience them?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. I’ll take that.

“Their dirty laundry basket.

Leave the dirty clothes, just take the basket.”

2. It’s too late!

“Pasta strainer and potato peeler.

Things they don’t use every day, so they might not notice until they’ve already boiled the pasta or veg.”

3. Not cool.

“All the batteries out of the remote controls.

Just imagine: You live all by yourself, you come home one evening exhausted and tired because you have been working all day long. All you want to do is lay back and watch some TV only to find out that someone removed the batteries from your remote. Someone was or still is in your house.”

4. Incredibly annoying.

“A single inch from a single table leg. From every table.

All their s**t is going to have a permanent wobble.”

5. No more scooping.

“All spoons and ladles, anything that scoops.

Leave only the forks and knives.”

6. Noooooo!

“I would loosen the caps on all of their seasoning shakers or whatever so when they try to pour it, a ton falls out.”

7. Right in the kisser!

“The shower head.

Imagine getting into that shower and not noticing at first, then you turn on the tap and get fu**ing blasted by a hose.”

8. Take the good pair.

“My dear departed grandmother once asserted that someone had broken into her house and stolen her ‘good scissors’, so I’m going to go with that – steal their good scissors.”

9. What’s going on here…?

“I’d turn their freezer and fridge down 1 notch.

You might not notice immediately but everything will be slightly less cold.”

10. Drive ’em crazy.

“All their left shoes except one pair.

That last pair I would steal the right shoe.”

11. You are good, my friend…

“Every left sock, all of the forks, one lightbulb, the cat litter box, 3 keys from the piano, and the cold handle from the sink.”

12. Good one!

“I would steal all their light bulbs.

They’d probably be happy.

In fact, they’d be de-lighted.”

13. All kinds of good ideas.

“The spring inside the toilet paper roll holder

Every third wrench or drill bit from the collection

Every third spice in the spice cabinet

Any and all coupons

Leave all brooms and mops, take all dustpans and buckets

The largest or the smallest utensils, silverware, and pots / skillets

Any and all glue as well as rare cleaning supplies.”

What would you steal from someone to mildly inconvenience them?

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