Isn’t he (or she) just wonderful?!?!

Yeah, you hear that a lot when it comes to celebrities…and the funny thing is that us common folks don’t even know what these people are actually like in real life.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about celebs that people seem to love who are actually creepy.

Start now!

1. Weird.


Moby: “Hey, remember when I dated Natalie Portman?”

Natalie Portman: “Uh…I sure don’t.””

2. Aerosmith frontman.

“Steven Tyler.

Nothing says love like getting a groupie teen girl’s parents to sign over guardianship of her to you so you can f**k her.

When you are a 25 year old adult man and she’s 16 just barely. And then getting her knocked up at 17. I mean if that isn’t grooming… I mean “love” what is?

Seriously though Steven Tyler is f**king gross.”

3. Yuck.

“Charlie Chaplin.

He dated a 12 year old and got her pregnant when she was 15.”

4. LOL.


He still thinks he’s at Degrassi High.”

5. Jerry!

“Seinfeld dated a 17 year old when he was 38.

What’s the deal with high school seniors?”

6. Creep.

“Ted Nugent.

Dude literally released a song about him perving on a 13 year old.”

7. Puzzling.

“Roman Polanski.

Still gets award nominations and celebrated in Hollywood and Jack Nicholson for that matter, plus the majority of the celebrities who signed the petition for R.P.”

8. MGK.

“Machine Gun Kelly.

He has an old tweet wishing 13-15 year old girls weren’t hot and he didn’t feel like a creep for looking at them.

Just major creeper vibe”

9. Wow.


He was a very r**ist dude who forced his grand-niece to sleep in bed with him, naked, to reenforce his celibacy.”

10. Down the tubes.


She’s always been the type to dish it out, but can’t handle it. She always pushed so hard to get a reaction out of someone or to get some kind of drama or gossip, and persisted to the point of rudeness, but if anyone called her out on it, or didn’t take the bait, she got mad.

She also constantly tried too hard to get a laugh. She thought she was a hysterical comedian when she really just wasn’t funny. Take a hint, Ellen. That’s why people aren’t laughing.

Then there’s all the abuse she put her staff through.

Such a terrible person.”

11. Troubled past.

“Mark Wahlberg severely disabled a Vietnamese man in a racially motivated h**e crime in the ’80s but a lot of people still love him and it sickens me.”

12. Swept under the rug.

“James Franco.

He ADMITTED to texting an underage girl trying to hook up, and everyone like… forgot about it immediately for some reason?”

13. Scandalous.

“Paul Walker.

When he was 36 years old his 16 year old girlfriend moved in with him. When he was 28 he had another 16 year old girlfriend living with him.

He’s very lucky he d**d before #metoo blew his s**t up. He should be remembered as a p**ophile and not an actor.”

Who would you add to the list?

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