Have you ever bought something that was a total game-changer for you?

And one that was totally worth the money?

I love it when that happens!

And so did these folks on AskReddit.

Let’s see what life-changing purchase they say is 100% worth it.

1. A must-have!

“Sounds simple but honestly, something as basic as a good pair of shoes that fit you well.”

2. Time for some Zzzzzs.

“Blackout curtains.

Especially in the summertime, they help you sleep so much better.”

3. Use ’em!

“Good quality re-useable ear plugs. Soooo much better than the cheap foamy ones.

They will definitely improve your life if you go to loud concerts. Filter our overtones so you can hear the music better at a loud punk show.

Also hearing loss is irreversible and there’s no cure for tinnitus.”

4. It’ll weigh you down…in a good way.

“If you have trouble sleeping, a weighted blanket.

I’ve gone from about 5.5 hrs average sleep per night to 7 hours average which is incredible for me, and I wake up feeling so well rested.”

5. Game-changer.

“A second monitor.

Suprised I didnt see this yet, but it improves productivity so much as you can have tabs open and type whatever you want on the other or even watch Youtube.”

6. Going big time.

“3+ gallon stock pot.

Boil pasta, potatoes, or whatever without a boil over.

No more starch water burning all over the burner.”

7. For the choppers.

“I remember the first time I used my electric toothbrush/waterpik combo I got for Christmas.

It literally felt like I had just gotten a professional dental cleaning.”

8. Breathe it in.

“If you have allergies, especially seasonal or pet, AIR PURIFIER.

When we bought our hous a few years ago, my allergies got so bad, we were almost considering moving, but then I bought an air purifier and it was so life changing, I got one for each floor of our house.

One of the best purchases ever.”

9. Definitely!

“Washer and dryer.

No planning days and accumulating quarters for laundry.

Just dump a load in and go about my business.”

10. True.

“A good mattress and pillow. We spend a third of our lives lying on it, why not invest in it?

Anything that you use a lot, you should seriously invest in, like I have a $400 custom mechanical keyboard.

People say I am crazy, but I use it every day, for hours on end, it’s my job.”

11. Absolutely!

“Paying for movers to do everything from pack to move all of it.

Never doing that s**t again.”

12. It’s marvelous…


We bought an old house that did not have one, and put it off for 10 years knowing we will eventually renovate the kitchen (soon hopefully).

Last year we said screw it and built a little nook for one in the dining room and OMFG life changing.”

13. I love mine.

“Noise cancelling headphones.

Reduces the rate of my mental health decline like crazy.”

What purchases do you think are totally worth it?

Let us know in the comments.

Thanks a lot!