I’m at the age now where I’ve had a number of friends and acquaintances get divorced and boy, have I heard some horror stories.

It’s terrifying what some people have to go through when they split up with a spouse or a partner and there are no shortage of these kinds of stories out there.

AskReddit users talked about the craziest things exes did after getting divorced.

Let’s see what unfolded.

1. Stalker.

“Stalked me for 5 years. Would make fake social media profiles to try to follow me (which I would block endlessly) and would try to find where I worked so she could talk to me.

This lady cheated on me with 7 different men 2 months after we were married. I kicked her ass to the curb and made her sign the court papers. When we had our day in court she cried in the judges office while I just wanted to get this s**t done.

After, my dad was with me and he threw 50 dollars at her and told her to “change your fu**ing last name.” Good guy Pops.

I haven’t seen or heard from her in about 5 years, thank goodness.”

2. Ugh.

“All I wanted was custody of my son, I gave her everything else except one of our cars.

She fought me through 5 hearings, I won.

She never came to see him again.”

3. That took a weird turn.

“She got custody of our three kids, got 70% of my take-home pay for child support requiring me to move into the barracks (I was in the USAF), then she immediately moved out of state without telling me–despite the divorce decree requiring my consent–all but guaranteeing I would have no contact with my kids.

That’s not the crazy part.

The crazy part is just a few years later she decided she didn’t want to be a mother anymore, so she signed up with a carnival (I think she had the hots for one of the ride operators) and left the girls on their own–without telling me or the girls beforehand.

She called my oldest daughter a few days after leaving to tell her to call me. They hadn’t called me before that because they had apparently grown accustomed to their mother disappearing for days at a time.”

4. Being watched.

“Bought an apartment (in central London, insanely expensive) across the road from where I worked so she could spy on me. She also never wanted to live or work in London.

I had no idea this had happened and fortuitously I happened to leave that position soon after we split so it didn’t really work.

I only found out however when I was having drinks with a mate and he happened to mention that my ex’ apartment was just over there (we were by my old work).”

5. Scary.

“Kidnapped my 3 boys from my house when I went on my first post-divorce date. Our loved and trusted babysitter was with them, I left dinner ready and kids bathed and already in their jammies.

Left for the movie theater when I got a text from my babysitter that she was sorry for not doing the dishes after dinner. So I texted back “Thats ok, I can do dishes later, but you’ve got a couple hours as well, the movie hasn’t started yet.” She was at home as my ex husband had shown up, lied and said he was supposed to have the boys that night and that I had said it was ok. I was livid.

I knew he was a bit crazy, but I had no idea he was capable of this. I stepped out of the theater, called him and he said “If you are going to be dating strangers and endangering the lives of MY kids, I will take them.” Wtf. So I called the police, they did a report, we went to court and he was found in contempt for violating our parenting plan.””

6. That’s insane.

“She got married 7 more times!

I was hunsband #1 when we were 18 yo, divorced by 20 yo, and now at 44 she is getting her 8th divorce.”

7. Get outta there.

“Wife cheated on me.

When I confronted her, she grabbed a kitchen knife and threatened me. I told her to go ahead. She put it in my chest just deep enough to draw blood and cut down to my belly button.

I hit her on top of her head, she fell to the ground. I left and, after signing papers, never saw her again.

It’s been 24 years now.”

8. Karma.

“We were living in a different state and she wanted to move back to her home state a year into our marriage

. I really had nothing tying me down in that state so I was down for moving if that’s really what she wanted. It had been about 6 months into the move and she cheats on me with a co-worker while I was working full-time and trying to finish up my bachelor’s degree.

She tells me that she didn’t feel the same way about me and that she needed to move out to do some thinking. It’s driving me insane trying to think about what could have gone wrong. I had a suspicion about that co-worker but I didn’t have any proof.

I checked our phone account online and sure enough they were talking every night after work while I was out working. I followed her one time and sure enough she was going to this guy’s house. I confronted her about it and she finally fessed up.

So they continue dating after we finally divorce and I was able to move on with my life. She ends up getting pregnant by this guy and he disappears before their baby was even born. Karma definitely came back to bite her after the hell she put me through all alone in a new state with no friends/family around.”

9. No way.

“He basically got everything, house, car, furniture. I just wanted out.

Two years later he is broke and homeless, wanted to get back together.

Sorry, but hell no.”

10. Delightful!

“Two years after our divorce was final (we still had to be in regular contact because of our 5-year-old son), he asked me if I’d give him a 5 am wake up call the next day because he had an early flight for a business trip. I said, of course I wouldn’t do that, we aren’t married anymore, he should buy a d**n alarm clock.

He overslept, missed his flight, thought he was going to get fired, and called me to berate me for not calling to wake him up. He was a real delight!”

11. Bad news.

“Continuously texted at all hours threatening suicide, I would rush over to do a welfare check and he’d open the door with a smile “Hey, since you’re here want to come in for a beer/s**?”

Hard pass.

Starting upping it, I rush over, he’s nowhere to be found, I’m calling his parents, friends…turns out he was just at a bar. Another time he left a funeral playlist, a note, disappears off the face of the earth for almost a day, reappears so drunk he almost ran into the house.

After that, I just couldn’t take it anymore, so the next time he started texting I warned him that I would call the police if he was being serious, but I wasn’t coming to check. He went 0-100 real quick about how he’d be dead before they got here, etc.

So I called them, he ended up getting 5150ed for the night, VERY upset with me the next day, demanding a ride and so on. I hung up, called his mom, said not my mess anymore here’s the address.

So then he just found new ways to torture me for a few years but that one stands out the most.”

12. Figures…

“During the whole process of divorcing she insistent she wanted to be single and hadn’t cheated on me.

5 days before we sold our house she posted on Facebook that she was in a relationship with the guy I had asked about her cheating on me with.

A year later they were engaged, a year after engagement they are married.”

13. Glad that’s over.

“While we were still married, she gets pregnant with the guy she was cheating on me with who is also married to someone else. She has this idea that he’s going to leave his wife and they’re going to get married. She got a lawyer and filed for divorce. I get a lawyer too.

Only thing is that he works for his wife’s father who is setting him up to take over when Daddy retires. He realized that getting a divorce means his cushy career is over, confesses everything to his wife and begs for her forgiveness. His wife takes him back and he cuts off my wife.

Seeing that her dreams of living with her bf are over, she claims that I’m the father, which is impossible because by that time, we hadn’t had s** for more than a year before conception. This does not stop her from telling everyone who will listen that it’s my kid. She has her lawyer drop the divorce proceedings. I tell my lawyer to start them with me as the plaintiff and that I want to dispute paternity.

I move out. She starts stalking me. Shows up at my job and tries to get in. I work as a civilian in R&D at a military base. The MPs do not take any of her s**t and wind up detaining her when she tries to run past the gate. She calls me at work to bail her out or something, I tell her that whatever she’s done it’s not my problem and hang up. I also was able to get a restraining order, which she violated repeatedly.

She asked for everything; both cars, the entire house and contents, savings, my retirement account etc. Plus 7 years of spousal support. I offered no support and half of the assets. If she wanted to house, she’d have to buy me out and refinance in her name only.

When the kid was born, she tried to put my name on the birth certificate anyway, but I’d already successfully disputed paternity, so that didn’t go over well. She had to go after lover boy, who was definitely less than happy to see her.

In the end, we split the assets 50/50. Sold the house and she got no spousal support. I don’t know if she was able to get money for the kid from lover boy or not.

She called me a few times after the divorce , wanting to get together and talk. The calls were in violation of the restraining order, but I never reported it.

About 6 months after the divorce was final, I was offered a new job on the other side of the country. I took it and never told anyone outside of my family where I was going. Almost all of our “friends” believed her when she claimed the baby was mine and made me out to be the asshole, so I didn’t really feel the need to tell them anything.

Life is better now.”

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