I think all of us could make a VERY LONG list of things that fit into this category…

But today’s not about us!

It’s about the fine folks who post on AskReddit!

So let’s see what they think is socially acceptable but really shouldn’t be.

Start now!

1. Not good.

“Going to work while sick, especially in the food service industry.

I have a cold right now and work in food service, the only reason I came in yesterday was because we are short handed and I couldn’t get anyone to take my shift.

Absolutely bulls**t because I’m handling the food and know I’m going to be getting people sick right around the holidays.”

2. Pretty dumb.

“Worshipping celebrities.

I think the problem is that you have to get to around the age of 30 before you realize that celebrities are dumba**es just like everyone else — they just have more visible jobs.

Until you hit 30 though, there’s this whole media machine in place that is incentivized to hype them up in order to make a quick buck themselves.”

3. Crazy.

“People having to go into debt paying $10,000+ to put their loved one’s d**d body in a box and then into the ground.

I know life insurance exist not everyone has responsible family that will do that and it also shouldn’t fall on one person to make sure everyone has it.

Not claiming the body is easier said than done.”

4. Gross.

“Newborn kids having social media accounts.

This has always truly weirded me out. My ex’s sister in law does this with each of her 5 children.

I honestly feel bad for the kids in the future because she posts some pretty embarrassing s**t on those accounts and I’m sure the kids are going to have to look at it and wonder why their entire lives were recorded for the whole world to see. I think she’s setting them up to be influencers.”

5. Toxic.

“Child beauty pageants, they are f**king creepy.

People underestimate just how toxic child beauty pageants really are. All humans learn about love in childhood. We model our own relationships and acts of love based on what we experienced in childhood.

If in childhood your experience of love and rejection was directly correlated to your looks, you will inevitably tie your personal value and loveability to your appearance.

Putting your child into beauty pageants is a shortcut to raising a person with a whole host of emotional problems.”

6. Legalized harassment.


Just legalized harassment as far as I’m concerned.”

7. Don’t touch me.

“As a curly haired person, touch my hair unprovoked.

People are getting better about it over the years, and I imagine the pandemic had a lot to do with it.

Too many people have just pulled a curl, stuck their hands in, or roughly stroked my head like a dog.


8. Yes!

“Being in a public place (restaurant, store,) and having a conversation on speaker phone when what is being spoken is truly private but the one with the phone is to god**mn lazy to hold the phone up to their ear.”

9. Yuck.

“Glorifying and encouraging feelings of jealousy and possessiveness in a relationship.

This really needs to stop.

Influencers on Instagram, tiktok and whatnot all make it seem all “when my so goes somewhere I make sure to text him every 5 mins or he’s cheating on me”.

F**king hate that most people will just agree and go along with it.”

10. Terrible.


I see it portrayed in media as a suave and sexy detective sipping a martini at 11:00 when in reality it can ruin lives, lose people their jobs and kids, and kill peoples livers.

Waking up at seven in the morning and reaching your shaking, trembling hand toward the vodka bottle so you can get up and do s**t is not a joke or worthy of a one-liner.

We need more realistic ideas of al**hol consumption pushed in our society if we want the next generation to be any better.”

11. Kind of annoying.

“The fact that in the US we don’t add taxes to the actual price tag.

Why do I have to do math to figure out how much I’m paying?”

12. It’s a mystery.

“Asking someone “when you will have children” and “why not”? Or “have you been trying”.

How is it normalized to ask people about the s** lives, I’ll never know.”

13. Agreed.

“Glorifying politics/politicians.

They’re supposed to work for us, not have celebrity like status.”

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