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1. Not worth it.

“Those little plastic bits in body wash.

That stuff is gonna be in our water supply and bodies for generations.

All for slightly cleaner skin.”

2. Terrifying.


When nature is adapt enought to create toxins and poisons to k**l humans we always, for some f**king reason have to create something more horrible.”

3. Is it really the worst?

“Subscription services to anything in a vehicle that is already built into it.

Oh your car seats have a seat warmer built in?

That’s a subscription to use despite just spending $30,000 on the car and the equipment was installed at the factory.”

4. Awful.


Yeah, they don’t just disappear once a war is over.

They’ll stay around to k**l some kids playing.

Awful things.”

5. Wow.

“Leaded gasoline.

Fun fact: Thomas Midgley, the inventor of leaded gasoline, also invented the first CFCs which later caused the depletion of the ozone layer.

There is a great episode on the “Cautionary Tales” podcast about this man, “the inventor who almost ended the world.””

6. Did you know this?


Worst part is the guy even got a Nobel Prize.”

7. Pretty bad.

“Styrofoam is pretty abominable in my book, especially for things like takeout food that’s destined for the trash within minutes of use.”

8. Long-lasting effects.

“Single use plastic.

Particles have been found in every corner of the earth and ocean, as well as in human and animal embryos.

Most of these break down into toxic compounds and will have long-term physical and chemical impacts.”

9. Two things.

“Serious answer: chemical toxins that have caused severe health problems.

Personal answer: HP printers. F**king pieces of s**t.”

10. Yuck!


As a teacher, I TOTALLY agree.

It gets everywhere and for the rest of the day you look like you just left a strip club.”

11. Really bad.

“For-profit prisons.

Which leads to state prosecutors who are beholden to them. Which leads to increased probability of being charged with a crime you didn’t commit, under the plan that you’re too poor to defend yourself and will plead out.

They can’t make a profit without prosecutors feeding them an ever-increasing supply of prisoners (plus parolees and probationers in “offender-funded” programs). It’s a recipe for the corruption of our justice system.

Private prisons are arguably foreign enemy assets.”

12. The algorithms.

“Algorithmic Social Media.

MySpace was fine, no algorithm, no extremes. FB, Twitter, etc, the algorithm to show you more of what you like leads people into an echo chamber and causes polarization of people’s views, helping dehumanize each other.”

13. Annoying.

“Hand-sensing faucets.

90% of them work badly.

Just give me a better sensor or I’ll take the normal faucet.”

14. Gonna get bad.

“Deep fakes and the whole AI thing is going to be something crazy.

I just read an article where someone used AI to put a “fictitious person” into really risky positions. For example, the AI doctored a photo of him with his shirt off in a school classroom “after classes were out”.

Can you imagine the damage someone can do? The credibility of photos / video now as well?”

15. Done a lot of damage.

“Social media.

Never before was it so easy for stupid people to find like-minded other stupid people and suddenly ‘have a voice’.

Also, people have no social skills anymore.”

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