We live in a strange world where a whole lot of people pretend to like things…that they don’t really like at all.

It’s weird, right?

So, in the spirit of weirdness, let’s hear what folks on AskReddit think about this.

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1. Let’s wrap it up.

“3 hour long church services.

Jesus gave the sermon on the mount in like 5 minutes.

Get over your ego pastor!”

2. No thanks!

“Having constant drama at work, in friend groups, and elsewhere really can’t be all that exciting… can it?

If I have one friend causing me too much drama I usually avoid it like it’s the plague.”

3. I can’t hear you.

“Bars and restaurants with loud music and terrible acoustics.

What’s the point in being social in a place where they’re trying to make it hard for you to socialize?”

4. Not that funny.

“Podcasts where the hosts just laugh at everything they/other hosts/guests say.

Nothing is that funny for that long, dude.”

5. Live in the present.

“Trying to make everything Instagram ready.

I’ve fallen in that trap before, deleted everything but Reddit.

I’m much happier now living in the moment, watching my kids play instead of taking photos of them, eating my food instead of standing above it trying to take a picture in a crowded restaurant.

Once you stop feeding your ego, a lot of worry stops with it.”

6. Not into it.

“Long, boring forced video chats with friends’ kids.


I know you’re tired of them talking your ear off, but subjecting your friend to it is just plain inconsiderate.”

7. Sounds horrible.

“Maintaining their jobs as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram personalities.

I briefly had mild success with a channel on YT 10 years ago and it was nowhere near the level things are now. And I see the production value and the regularity of some of the content.

And I just think how much pressure these folks feel to feed the machine or perish.”

8. Long lines.

“Anything that requires an insane amount of waiting in line.

Amusement parks, brunches at fancy places, night clubs, etc.

Like, you’re engaging in an a barrier to make the “thing” you want seem worthwhile.

I dunno, I despise lines.”

9. This is not enjoyable.

“Playing tag with a four year old.

You have to let them win all the time to not make them cry you have to run really slow and you have to look like you’re enjoying it.”

10. Don’t ask me.

“The Kardashians.

My one wish is to find out what the hell made them so popular.”

11. There’s this one…


Why is it so expensive?

I’m not even having a good time!”

12. Put an end to it.

“The Happy Birthday song.

Everyone feels awkward singing it, and awkward having it sung at them.

Can we please just not?”

13. I think you’re right.

“Being famous.

Sure, money is very good and having fans “love” you is good and all, but I’m convinced that they miss their privacy.”

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