Oh, boy, this should be interesting

Because you and I both know that folks spend their money on some crazy stuff.

So what do you think is a complete waste of money?

Let’s see how AskReddit users responded to that question.

1. Tacky.

“High end fashion. There is a cut off point where extra money spent is just purely for the name and there is no improvement in quality or appearance of clothing, like Gucci etc.

The stuff always looks tacky, in my opinion.”

2. The big day.

“Spending a ton on a wedding.

Could never understand it, and it’s also a massive joke to expect your guests to fork out a ton on gifts, an outfit and if you’re part of the wedding party there are a ton of other expenses.”

3. Way overpriced.

“Food delivery through apps such as UberEats, Foodora, Doordash, etc.

Inflated menu prices to cover the cost of the platform cut and then the platform’s service fees?

Nah. I’m good.”

4. Insane.

“Buying a Starbucks coffee once per day costs you about 1.6 thousand dollars every year.”

5. Big money.

“Luxury cars.

I can’t imagine spending $75k+ on a car with high maintenance and insurance costs.

I’d rather drive a Honda and retire a few years earlier.”

6. Confusing.

“Pre-ripped pants.

Why the hell would you intentionally buy already messed up clothing?

Congrats you paid more money for an inferior product.”

7. Wow.

“As someone who lives in Germany: TV taxes.

Seriously, even blind and deaf people pay these and most of them cannot watch TV. Also German national TV is the biggest pile of s**t ever, yet they make you pay around €60 per quarter to fund that pile of s**t.”

8. Agreed.


I went to a casino twice when I was in my early 20s. I went in both times with a $200 limit that I expected to lose and had fun playing it on various games until I was dry. FAST FORWARD to my 40s, I went again with my friend and I couldn’t get over how pointless all the slots were. Sure there’s a chance to win a little but all it does is extend the time (barely) that you spend playing the machine.

So much money can literally be gone in mere minutes. Then my friend said, well just do the nickel slots, so I went and saw that the nickel slots had a minimum bid of $1, THAT IS NOT A NICKEL SLOT! Just because “nickel slot” is painted/neon’ed on the side does not make it so, when the minimum is anything other than 5 cents. Rant over.”

9. Regrets…

“Fast food. I always feel worse after I eat it.

More full. But sluggish and regretful…”

10. Not worth it.

“Paying for “premium” membership on online platforms, whether it be dating, books, movies, games etc.”

11. You knew this was coming.


You can find similar products they sell much cheaper elsewhere, and you don’t get harrassed to buy more or attend parties.

Also only a select few really make money in MLM’S, the rest are just wasting money pushing stuff on friends, family, and strangers that probably aren’t interested.”

12. Don’t go the cheap route.

“Cheap shoes.

Invest in a decent pair that can be repaired by a cobbler, and they will last you a lifetime.”

13. Pretty pointless.

“Expensive clothing for babies and kids in general.

Why pay so much for clothing your baby will wear for a few months?”

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