The twenties can go either way for folks: it can either be a decade filled with good experiences where a person is building for the future…or it can be ugly, dark, and full of mistakes.

And today we’re going to talk about what people SHOULD do in their twenties to avoid regrets later in life.

Listen up, young people!

1. Definitely.

“If your relationship is great half the time and terrible half the time, then your relationship is terrible.

I needed this 10 years ago.”

2. Yes!

“Don’t live on credit.

If you spend more on your card than you can pay, you’re doing it wrong. I know it’s not always as black and white as that, with financial issues, but seriously do your da**dest to keep up with your credit card payments.

I don’t mean making the minimum. I mean paying it off every month. If it goes up up up it’s really hard to bring it down again.”

3. Absolutely.

“Young folks: there’s a reason everyone is telling you to take care of your teeth. S**t can go sideways WAY earlier in life than you would imagine.

If you’re thinking “Oh I’ll deal with that when I’m 50″, then think again. Late 20s, early 30s is quite common for serious dental issues.”

4. Stay fit!


Staying in shape is easier than getting in shape.”

5. Back problems.

“Don’t do something stupid and hurt your back.

In my 20s I was unstoppable when it came to exercise and work. I over worked my self from 25 on. At 30 my back got messed up at 32 I was finally able to sleep in a bed and not on the floor , I wasn’t in constant pain at 33 I’m still not over the depression it caused. Physical pain leads to mental pain.

I lost 100k+ fixing my back through PT acupuncture and various pieces of equipment. It was all the money I had saved from the job that broke my back. I also just started working again and I no longer look at suicide as an option.i am on nerve blockers still ecause severed nerves don’t really heal.

I finally stopped the ibuprofen. And I sleep in my bed again. Chronic pain is something I don’t wish on my worst enemy.”

6. Protect your ears.

“Don’t listen to music with headphones too loud.

Also bring earplugs to concerts.

That s**t can blow out your eardrums and tinnitus is fucking horrible.”

7. Life moves fast…

“Be open to trying new things, life comes at you fast after 30.

And start funding your retirement if you can afford it.”

8. Friends are important.

“Have a few close friends but keep making new ones.

I’m all for making your own way, but you’d be shocked to know how many people got to where they are because they knew someone who knew someone.

It can only help you and maybe you can pay it forward down the line.”

9. Good advice!

“Have two hobbies.

One that is of interest to you and you are happy doing it alone. The other one try to have it be with other people. Preferably one of them has you getting outdoors often.

They can be the same example: fixing bikes but also going on rides with friends.

Photography and bird watching.

Practicing a instrument and being in a band.”

10. Time well spent.

“Spend time with relatives that probably won’t be there in your 40s.

Learn your grandma’s secret recipe NOW. I waited too long.

The day she was going to teach me how to make rolls she fell. That was the beginning of the end.

She was gone by the next Thanksgiving.”

11. Don’t waste your time.

“Don’t waste your time on toxic people just because they’re family.

Nobody that treats you like s**t deserves your love and respect, even if they’re your parents.

Know your worth and don’t let others guilt trip you into not taking care of your mental health and putting yourself first.”

12. Live it up.

“Take risks. Chase the boy/girl/etc. Jump for the job.

Don’t be afraid to bounce to a different state/country if the opportunity feels good.


Try new foods.”

13. Keep moving!

“Move your body! I wish I’d gotten into a regular fitness routine when I was younger.

It gets harder to do when you’re fat and older. I was naturally underweight all of my growing up so I didn’t develop the ritual of keeping fit.

When you’re overweight it’s hard to do the things you desire out of life, simply stated.”

Now it’s your turn.

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Thanks a lot!